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Relationship coaching near me

Relationship coaching near me


On this page you will find the 4 different options
for coaching via email
(possibly also in combination with consultation by telephone or Skype)
Payment can be made via Ideal, PayPal, or bank transfer

>>> Do you prefer one or more consultations via Skype or Telephone?

How does coaching by email work?

(Relationship coaching near me)

 On average , 60 minutes equals approximately 10 times a response with tips and advice from me (on average, reading including answering takes 6 minutes for me). The number of responses you can expect depends on the amount of text you submit. The longer your email, the more reading time it will take me. If you always send a short email with 1 question, it may only cost you 2 minutes of your remaining credit. You can also send an email if you just want to keep me informed of something without me having to respond. I advise you to clearly state this in your email because it won’t take you minutes that way.

Coaching by email basically means that you always send in your situation for a personal analysis and advice when it suits you.

If you are already a customer of our eBooks, you will receive a discount code of 5%. If you are already a customer of Van Breuk Tot Doorbraak, you will receive a discount code of 10%. (mail for discount codes to customer service mail ). You can enter the discount code on the next payment page

  • PACKAGE  1 : 3 0 minutes Email coaching $47, = (approx. 5 emails from you and my reactions to them with tips and advice *)
  • PACKAGE  2  : 0 minutes Email coaching $90, = (about 10 emails from you and my reactions to them with tips and advice *)
  • PACKAGE  3  :   90 minutes Email coaching $135 (approx. 15 emails from you and my reactions to them with tips and advice *)

But be assured that we do follow up to ensure your issue is perfectly solve. all ends in happiness

(* the indicated responses are only an average indication. Depending on the reading time required to read your emails and the time required to respond, the number can sometimes be a little less or more. An average email contains about 500 words)

Payment by bank transfer to our account

Bank name:
First Century Bank

Bank address:
525 Federal Street Bluefield, WV–Bluefield, USA

Routing (ABA):

Account number:

Account type:

Beneficiary name:

Relationship coaching near me

* Do not forget to include your e-mail address in the description. Also replace the “@” sign in your e-mail address with [at]. This is necessary because some banks do not accept foreign characters in the description.

**Once you’ve made a bank transfer, IMMEDIATELY send us a screenshot of payment to so we know you’ve paid. You will then receive a reply from us (the guarantee) and we will give you access to the members area (within one day)

*** This is what happens after your payment: we have outsourced our online payments to the payment provider Paypro. After successful payment you will be automatically redirected to the member registration page. In other words, you can get started within 2 minutes! If you have any questions or if the payment is not successful, please send us an email so we can help you! We will respond within a day.

Relationship coaching near me