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When Friendship Meets Chaos: 5 Suggestions for Different Multiplayer Games on Steam
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The magical world of games multiplayer on Steam – where friendships are forged in the heat of battle, tested in the depths of dark dungeons, and sometimes pushed to the limit when someone steals that epic item right in front of you. Here are five games that will turn your lonely nights into epic adventures full of laughter, strategy and, of course, a healthy dose of competitive chaos:

Giant Robots on the Court: Basketball Has Never Been So Crazy

Look, nothing extraordinary to see here, walking around… Just a lot of normal humans? No, wait.


And if someone in a dark hallway shouts that giant robots are playing basketballof course we are as out of it as you are. Giant robots with jetpacks It is legs that bend more than our bills at the end of the month? We never heard of it.

Playing alone is already an adventure, but trying to coordinate with a friend who thinks “Right time for the jetpack” is it all the time? It's a recipe for chaos. In a good way, of course. Get ready for laughs, some friendly discussions and lots and lots of moments of “I pressed the wrong button“.

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Friendship Climbing: How to Climb in Life (and Friends) Without a Ladder

If existed a game to make human pyramid on top of a goatI would call Mount Your Friends. This game challenges you to climb your friends (literally) with controls that seem to have a life of their own. It's that kind of game that you don't know if you love or hate, but that will make you laugh until your stomach hurts.


But back to the point, if you can't make the human climbing in 60 seconds, it's over. In the beginning, your “mountains” of friends will look more like little hills. But hey, practice makes perfect, or at least less frequent falls.

Harsh Winters and Cozy Strategies: Surviving Northgard with Friends

In NorthgardO winter It's not just a season, it's the main villain. Forget about enemies with axes, here the one who will give you a headache is the hunger and cold. Each resident is one more mouth to feedand it seems that iFood doesn't deliver in this end of the world.

The game is like that quiet friend who invites you for a coffee and suddenly becomes a master strategist. Master Northgard It’s a challenge, but the path to get there is full of discoveries, like “wow, so this is how you lose a game in 10 minutes“.


And look, conquering everything by force is not the only option. You can also win fame, money or knowledge – basically, the complete success package without leaving your couch.

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Adrenaline Hunters: Losing Friends and Ammo in Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown throws you into a cauldron of tension with a dash of “If you die, you lose everything“. It is a SPF where you hunt monsters and other players at the same time. Imagine a game of tag, except everyone has guns and the floor is lava. Intense, right?

Unlike the battle royales on duty, this one takes care of the sound. Every step, every creaking door could be the difference between “I survived” It is “I lost everything“. Yes, it's a game for those who like adrenaline and aren't afraid of breaking into a cold sweat.


Golf, Dinos and Betrayals: A Swing Between Friends

Finally, Golf With Your Friends It's that game that can do so much strengthen friendships how much to make you question why you called these traitors your friends. It's the chance to put your PT uncle and that annoying Bolsonaro cousin in front of you for a final battle, and two things can happen here, either a complete family tragedy or them crying and hugging each other at the end.

It's mini-golf in chaos mode, with courses that look like they came out of a fever dream – like, literally crashing into dinosaurs and avoid air strikes.

And if things get too friendly, you can always sabotage the play from colleagues with honey or freezing the balls from them (Wow, that was a little weird). Because nothing is better than saying “I love you, bro” and then freeze your friend's golf ball just in time.

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When Friendship Meets Chaos: 5 Suggestions for Different Multiplayer Games on Steam

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When Friendship Meets Chaos: 5 Suggestions for Different Multiplayer Games on Steam

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