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7 important tips for you to simulate car insurance
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Check out 7 important tips here for you to simulate auto insurance and guarantee the lowest price. Find out how to get a quote online and save!

When taking out car insurance, there are several factors we analyze in search of better payment conditions, coverage and price. After all, the greater the discount, the lower the amount to be paid for the service and the better it is for our financial life and our projects.


But, in addition to the difference in value, some other aspects need to be observed, such as the coverage that the contract offers. Therefore, we have listed 7 important tips to use when simulating car insurance and guaranteeing the lowest price, without losing the desired protection when taking out the contract.

7 important tips for you to simulate auto insurance and guarantee the lowest price

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1. Choose a reliable insurance company

The search for the lowest price must be based, firstly, on choosing a reliable insurance company. This is because if the insurance company does not perform the contracted service, even if the price is lower, you will suffer large losses.

Therefore, search for the company with SUSEP (Private Insurance Superintendency) and make sure it is registered with the body responsible for regulating the offering of these services. This way, in case of non-compliance, you will know where you can appeal.


2. Analyze coverage

The price of insurance is greatly impacted depending on the coverage selected. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to which of them are included in the chosen plan and which are really necessary for hiring. After all, it may happen that some of the services offered are not necessary for your reality.

Therefore, analyze calmly and make sure whether or not you really need to purchase coverage, evaluating the amount to be paid for it and the likelihood of its use. In general, the most basic insurance with robbery and theft protection is the cheapest and allows the inclusion of other services according to your reality.

3. Compare prices

One of the advantages of online research is the ease of comparing prices between different companies, and this applies to any online purchase. Therefore, carry out the simulation with different insurance companies, comparing the coverage and values ​​of each of them.

But be calm at this stage. A careful look can make a difference in understanding the details and identifying the best insurance option for your car, guaranteeing the best price and the best coverage.


4. Install security features

Even though it may seem controversial, having safety items installed in your car helps reduce the price of insurance. Be it electric locks, alarm and even a tracker.

Having these items means that the amount charged for your insurance is lower, as they already provide some protection to the vehicle, leaving it less susceptible to robbery and theft, for example. Check which insurance companies offer this benefit.

5. Extra items

Some companies offer benefits to their policyholders, such as monitoring apps and other resources. If, on the one hand, they do not make insurance more expensive, on the other hand they can be counted as an additional resource for the company, which can make the value higher for the competitor.

Therefore, checking the existence of these extra items that are not listed as coverage can influence you when choosing insurance with the best cost and benefit for your car and you.


6. Check payment options

Another way to guarantee the lowest price when taking out insurance is to simulate payment options. In general, cash payments provide significant discounts that can make a difference for those who have the full amount.

But, also check the installment options and the existence of possible fees for the payment method. It is important to be aware of any amount that could change the final value of the insurance.

7. Have a good driving record

Drivers with fewer traffic violations and longer driving experience, without having points on their license, guarantee the best prices when taking out insurance. This is because insurance companies understand that the chances of being involved in an accident, especially due to recklessness, are lower, which causes fewer costs for the company.

Likewise, new licenses have a higher value for the insurance company, which understands that the driver does not yet have the maturity and expertise to avoid collisions.


These are some tips to simulate car insurance and guarantee the lowest price when hiring. But the most important thing is to analyze the services offered and whether they meet your needs. The best solution is an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

7 important tips for you to simulate car insurance

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7 important tips for you to simulate car insurance


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7 important tips for you to simulate car insurance

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