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Analysis | System Shock on Consoles: A Bath of Nostalgia

System Shockthe 90s cult classic that no one at the time asked for, but we all needed.

Now, imagine playing this retro masterpiece on your desktop console, because, sure, why not turn something perfect into an experience that PC purists love to hate?

But I'll be fair here, even I, a fervent supporter of PC Master Race, have to admit: this version that we tested on PlayStation 5 is really worth it. The PC version came out a year ago, and you can see it there on Steam now by clicking here. So let's focus on the dear consolists now, okay?


Atmosphere and Design

Before SHODAN decided to cosplay as Skynet and turn everyone into a cyborg, Citadel Station was already a veritable hell of anxiety and stress, courtesy of the brilliant psychologist Jeffrey Hammer. Yes, he thought it would be a good idea to design each level of the station to induce panic. Thank you very much, Hammer. But here we are, three decades later, still loving this wonderful strain.

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Nightdive Studios did a phenomenal job of recreating the claustrophobic atmosphere of the Citadel, with its cramped hallways and cubicles worthy of a Japanese capsule hotel. Yes, it's an uncomfortable maze, but that's exactly what makes System Shock so satisfying.

Nothing like redirecting energy to unlock doors or struggling to find that elevator, all while SHODAN whispers sweet nothings in your ear, threatening your sanity.

Gameplay: The Suffering Is Worth It

If you're expecting a Final Fantasy or Resident Evil-style remake where everything is reimagined, I'm sorry. A Nightdive decided that the original formula was so perfect that not even the passage of time could ruin it. And they were right.


The game also challenges you to explore audio diaries and scour minimaps in search of clues. In an era where AAA games coddle players, System Shock makes you work for every win. It's a delicious power fantasy that requires real effort.

Combat: Know Your Enemy

Let's talk about combat. Ah, the combat. If you're used to modern shooters where you can slide and jump down walls, prepare for disappointment. Here, precision and strategy are everything. You need to know your enemies and choose the right weapon for each situation.

A wasted bullet is a gift to the mutants waiting to take your head off. It's a game of resources, and every shot counts.


Look and Style

Visually, System Shock is a bizarre mix of modern beauty and '90s nostalgia. The turquoise and orange color palette might look like a disaster in the wrong hands, but here it works wonderfully.

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The cyberspace sequences are a psychedelic trip that makes you press the screenshot key more than the trigger on your gun. And believe me, you will love every second of it.

A Leap into the Past with a Modern Twist

Of course, Nightdive couldn't help but add some modern elements. The Tetris-style inventory, for example, will force you to make difficult choices, something newer games try to avoid.

And the mechanical recycler, which turns trash into credits, is a welcome addition to a tighter resource economy. Yes, you'll feel like a Fallout scavenger, but without the bugs, I hope.



System Shock on consoles is a nostalgic trip worth every second of frustration and joy. Despite small setbacks, such as the lack of real impact in combat and some design inconsistencies, the overall experience is a resounding victory. For longtime fans and new players alike, this is a game that definitely deserves your attention.


  • Tense and immersive atmosphere
  • Challenges that reward self-reliance
  • Stunning visuals and bold color palette (Say HELLO 90s)
  • Modern elements that complement classic design


  • Lack of real impact on combat
  • Some visual and design inconsistencies
  • Can be too punishing for new players

Rating: 8.5/10

System Shock is a triumphant return to the 90s, with all the challenges and rewards veterans have come to expect. So yes, even if you're a PC fanatic like me, give this classic a try on consoles.

Analysis | System Shock on Consoles: A Bath of Nostalgia

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