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Ghost of Tsushima: The Samurai Who Surrendered on PC

Ghost of Tsushima, the game that made PlayStation owners feel superior for some time has finally arrived on PCs.

As expected, the glorious island of Tsushima is just as beautiful as it was in 2020, but now with the promise of running at 60 FPS or more, depending on how fat your pocket is to pay for a decent GPU.

Let's take a look at this port and see if PC players will actually care about being samurai. After all, with the ability to explore the beautiful and vast island of Tsushima with improved graphics and improved performance, it's hard to imagine anyone resisting this epic adventure.


Get ready to sheathe your katana and face enemies in intense combat, all while enjoying a visually stunning experience. Will PC gamers embrace the samurai spirit once and for all? Let's find out!

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Graphics and Performance: The Shining of Glory

The graphics of Ghost of Tsushima They were always a spectacle, even on PlayStation 4. Now, on PC, we can enjoy the same beauty with even sharper textures and superior performance. Yes, while console gamers play stuck, we, from the glorious PC Master Racewe can enjoy an even more fluid and immersive Tsushima.

Of course, that's if you have a machine that doesn't spontaneously combust when trying to run the game on ultra. If you're playing on a Xuxa PC, you might still be a little behind the consoles, but at least you can boast about playing and every now and then do that alt+tab and check if bitcoin has risen a little more. ALIVE!

Additionally, this version of the game supports ultrawide (21:9), super ultrawide (32:9) and even THREE monitor (48:9) configurations, which allows Tsushima's landscapes to truly expand to the limits of your peripheral vision.


Swapping the main monitor for a 32:9 variant really highlighted the landscapes of Tsushima island. The wind swaying the grasses and trees, sparkling lakes beside rustic war-torn villages, majestic forts and pagodas breaking through distant tree lines—they all look a little more real with the wider aspect ratio.

That being said, Ghost of Tsushima It remains quite beautiful in any aspect ratio.

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Gameplay: An Old-Fashioned Samurai

If you played on console, you know that the gameplay of Ghost of Tsushima It's solid, but here on PC, there's a subtle difference.

Now, you can perform those elegant katanas with the precision of a mouse. Who knew chopping off Mongols' heads would be even more satisfying at 1440p and a 144Hz refresh rate? And for those who love a good hot button, setting up your skills and weapons has never been simpler. Goodbye, clunky selection wheels!


Additionally, the high and stable frame rate made combat much easier compared to the console version. It's not as brutal and unforgiving as a soulslike, but the timing of counterattacks and sword parries is crucial in this game, so smoothness is a huge benefit. It also helped when lining up rapid bow shots, especially shooting from horseback, which requires a good degree of accuracy.

Story: The same, but now with mods

The story remains the same, of course. Jin Sakai is still on his epic quest to save Tsushima from Mongol invaders. But now, with the PC version, we have the promise of mods. This means that soon, we will probably see Jin riding a Thomas the Tank Engine or wearing SpongeBob armor. Because seriousness and respect for history are secondary when you can make internet jokes, right?

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Multiplayer: Play Like Never Before (Literally)

The multiplayer mode of Ghost of Tsushima It's here too, ready to be explored with your PC friends. This means you can now see what it's like to fight alongside someone whose ping is just as bad as yours, but at least you'll both have their graphics maxed out. And with a little luck, maybe we'll get a mod that replaces all the enemies with characters from other game franchises, just for laughs.

Interesting Extras

An interesting detail is the ability to render scenes in real time, allowing lip synchronization in Japanese. It may seem like a small detail, but this is a game you should play with Japanese audio, whether in Cinema Samurai mode (Japanese language, English subtitles, color graphics) or Kurosawa mode (Japanese language, English subtitles, visuals in black and white with film grain). Thus, the Japanese lip syncing in the scenes adds a lot to the immersion. 「PCマスター・レース、今回も素晴らしい恵みをありがとう」


Console Comparisons: Finally, PC Wins

Good news: Ghost of Tsushima remains an excellent third-person action-adventure game four years after its initial release. It didn't suddenly become bad. Uhul! Making a game in style Assassin's Creed set in Japan years before Ubisoft decided to create Assassin's Creed ShadowsSucker Punch delivers an engaging, beautiful, and often memorable samurai epic—filled with tense swordfights, brutal murders, and plenty of quality storytelling.

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Conclusion: Is it worth it?

If you're a PC gamer who refused to buy a PlayStation just to play games Ghost of Tsushima, now is your chance. The PC port is excellent, and all the graphical and performance improvements make it worth the wait. Plus, you can finally experience samurai culture in all its glory, but with the convenience of a keyboard and mouse and the promise of ridiculous mods.

Rating: 9.5/10


  • Stunning high-resolution graphics
  • Superior performance with high frame rates
  • Precise gameplay with keyboard and mouse
  • Potential for infinitely ridiculous mods


  • Need powerful hardware for maximum performance
  • Some sections even better with a controller
  • Possible dependence on mods to maintain newness

So yes, it's worth it. Just be prepared to sacrifice a few nights of sleep as you lose yourself in the beauty of Tsushima in full resolution. The immersion is so intense that you'll want to explore every corner, face every enemy and uncover all the island's secrets. The graphic quality and attention to detail will capture you in a way that few games can. Prepare your setup and dive into this epic experience!

Ghost of Tsushima: The Samurai Who Surrendered on PC

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