Gears 5 is getting story DLC, New Game+, and more content later this year

Gears 5

Gears 5 – Producer The Coalition has been giving continuous support to Gears 5 since it was released and now at the end of the year will bring even more news to the game.

Gears 5

According to an interview given by the studio to IGN , the game will receive a new story DLC, called Hivebusters, focused on a new squadron of characters and will be three to four hours long. More details on this new content, including whether it will be paid or free, will be shared in December.

Hivebusters is one of the multiplayer modes in Gears 5, in which a squad formed by the characters Keegan, Lahni and Mac must escape from inside a Swarm hive. It could be that the new DLC will show more of the history of this squadron.

Additionally, when Xbox Series X|S launches on November 10th, Gears 5 will receive a massive content update ( via IGN ), which will include a New Game+ mode, two new difficulty modes (Ironman and Inconceivable), character skins Kait, Del and JD, weapon skins, new visual modes (big head etc), new achievements and more.

According to what was said by Zoë Curnoe, chief producer of the game, in Ironman mode you must finish the game without dying. Inconceivable mode, on the other hand, features a higher difficulty level than the one originally included in Gears 5.

Gears 5

In addition, after much support from the community, it will be possible to change the look of Marcus Fenix ​​to that of WWE wrestler and actor Dave Bautista in the campaign. To use the skin, just equip it when starting a new game. By doing this, whenever Marcus appears, you’ll see and hear Batista, who is a die-hard fan of the franchise.

Lastly, not only has Gears 5 been optimized to run with better graphics and performance on Xbox Series X, it also has lower latency when played on the new console compared to Xbox One X, which will give gamers an advantage when playing the game. multiplayer on Series X.

Gears 5

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Gears 5

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