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Auto insurance for companies | Personalized insurance
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Companies normally have several resources to take precautions in the event of incidents and this happens in all sectors and with all assets. The vehicles also do not fall into disrepair in this case and for this they need to have well-trained drivers and also have car insurance for companies in order to guarantee greater safety.

Companies can count on insurance for all types of vehicles, whether cars, passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles, among others, that are used by them. To take out auto insurance for companies, you need to check what each vehicle is used for and what it transports. This is because a vehicle exclusively for transporting passengers needs to guarantee protection for the car and passengers, while a truck also needs to guarantee protection for the cargo.


How does car insurance for companies work?

Companies can issue policies individually, that is, for each vehicle there will be a different policy. This option is quite valid when the company has few vehicles and each of them has a different need.

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The fleet policy is recommended when the company has a large number of vehicles and needs to guarantee protection for all of them. When taking out this type of policy, it guarantees the same coverage for all of them without having to describe them in detail one by one, despite the fact that they will all undergo inspection.

Affinity groups x collective policies

These are two types of insurance aimed at vehicle fleets, but for different audiences.

The Affinity Group is aimed at associations and companies that bring together a group of employees. It is often used when employees need to use their private vehicles to carry out work.


All group members receive an individual certificate and charges are also made separately, normally for the vehicle owner.

Collective policies are aimed at companies that have a large number of vehicles, for example, a transport company. When this situation occurs, the policy will be made for a single CNPJ and the charge will also be unique.

Auto insurance coverage for companies

Coverage will vary depending on the contract, but normally includes damage caused by accidents, theft or theft, compensation to passengers, material or personal damage to third parties and assistance. These are normally the basic coverages available in policies, but additional coverage is possible.

how it works, advantages and more

Among the additional options it is possible to include personal damage to passengers, damage to the body, especially if it is armored or refrigerated, in the case of damage to third parties it is also possible to include lawyer costs and legal costs, among others.


RCTVI is also important coverage for fleets, because it covers damage that may be caused by the vehicle or its cargo whether it is in transit or not. In his case, compensation is paid in dollars and with values ​​already fixed.

Organizations that wish to take out car insurance for their company should search for an insurance company that offers the ideal option for their fleet because there are several options available. At you can get a quick and easy quote.

Companies that have vehicles and fleets of them need to keep their cars safe because this is often a work instrument. That's why company auto insurance is essential so that they don't become helpless and suffer financial losses at the time they need it most.

How car insurance for companies works

When taking out insurance, you have two options: take out individual insurance for each vehicle, this option being valid when the number is not large, or a fleet policy guaranteeing all of them the same coverage.


Who is car insurance for companies suitable for?

Insurance is recommended for any company that owns vehicles. It is necessary to understand that in this case it is different from individual car insurance that states that you use the car for work, as the insurance will be taken out in the name of the company and not a person.

Fiat Consortium

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No matter the size of the fleet, it can be purchased regardless of how many vehicles will be insured.


Advantages of car insurance for companies

  • Company auto insurance will bring more peace of mind to its administrators, because:
  • In the event of an accident, you will not have to bear all the losses;
  • It is possible to choose the type of coverage, thus adapting it to the needs of the business;
  • Policies can be taken out together or separately whichever way is most convenient;
  • It only requires 1 vehicle to provide insurance, etc.

Companies that have car insurance for companies

There are many insurance companies available on the market, so when choosing, you need to research the one that suits you best.

Value of car insurance for companies

The insurance value will vary according to the number of vehicles that will be included in the insurance as well as the coverage. Therefore, the value will vary a lot from one company to another, but to get an idea, you can request a quote.

How to make car insurance for companies cheaper

To make insurance cheaper, you can opt for simpler coverage, but one that still meets your needs. Other precautions taken, such as installing trackers in the vehicle, can cause the value to decrease significantly.

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Another tip is to insure more than one car, as the more vehicles included in the policy, the lower the individual value will be.

How to take out car insurance for companies

Before hiring, you need to research the options available on the market and evaluate what each one offers. It is also necessary to see whether it will be necessary to include additional coverage to ensure that no losses occur during activities.


It is important to have the guidance of a broker and also to obtain several quotes so that a comparison can be made.

Auto insurance for companies | Personalized insurance

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Auto insurance for companies | Personalized insurance


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Auto insurance for companies | Personalized insurance

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