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Beyoncé releases new album featuring Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift

This Friday (29) singer-songwriter Beyoncé released her new studio album, called “Cowboy Carter”, also titled “Act II”. The new album is the successor to “Renaissance” and marks the beginning of the singer's country era, which she declares is taking a stand in defense of the African-American roots in the musical genre. The new project has 26 tracks in total and features the participation of big names in the POP and country genres, such as Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, the legendary Dolly Parton, as well as the surprising contribution of Brazilian DJ O Mandrake.

Early country era

Even before it was released, Beyoncé's new album was already being talked about around the world, activating the public's curiosity, resulting from its title. All of Queen B's projects are always eagerly awaited, but this one in particular is responsible for immersing the artist in a new genre, therefore, many speculations arose before its official release.


Beyoncé releases new album “Cawboy Carter” (Video: reproduction/Instagram/@beyonce)

Satisfying everyone's curiosity and expectations, the artist once again showed all her talent and sensitivity, delivering to the world not only an album with many demonstrations of technique and talent, but also with a lot of symbolism and meaning for society.

The musical genre was chosen as a way for the artist to honor the African-American roots in country music, which some believe have been lost over the years, as well as the colors that adorn the project's images, which are mostly red, blue and white. to make reference to the patriotism of all black Americans who, despite racism, are part of the nation and helped build its history in a significant way.

Miley Cyrus Collaboration

One of the most impressive appearances was from recent Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus. The artist, who was born in Tennessee, also began her career in the POP genre and also embraced country throughout her musical journey as a way of honoring her history. The song that Miley collaborated on is “II Most Wanted” and is the first single between the two artists together.

Taylor Swift on backing vocal

Another surprising and almost imperceptible participation is from singer and songwriter Taylor Swift, who despite currently being a popstar, began his career in the country genre. The song that won Taylor's voice is “Bodyguard”. Swift's name does not appear next to the song's name, but is highlighted in the credits of the digital platforms that received the album.


Other surprising appearances

In addition to the two stars, Beyoncé also made more special invitations that embodied the new project in a striking and symbolic way. Singer Dolly Parton, considered a country legend, appears on the album singing one of her biggest hits “Jolene” which has a new version on Bey's new album. The artist also surprised Brazil by using the sample of the song “Aquecimento das Danadas”, which is a hit at Brazilian dances, in one of the tracks. The authorship is by DJ O Mandrake and the recording is in collaboration with DJ Xaropinho.

Other names, such as Post Malone, Shaboozey, and Tanner Adel also appear on “Act II”, which even includes a new version of “Blackbiird”, a Beatles song. The recently released songs “Texas Hold 'Em” and “16 Carriages” are also part of the album, which is now available on all digital platforms.

Featured Photo: Beyoncé releases new album (Reproduction/Beyoncé.com)


Beyoncé releases new album featuring Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift

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Beyoncé releases new album featuring Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift

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