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Braz detonates controversy between Palmeiras and CBF and reveals tension

Marcos Braz, manager of Flamengo, broke his silence about the controversy between Palmeiras and CBF; vice president expressed great concern

Marcos Braz opened the game on the controversy between palm trees It is CBF. The leader of Flamengo revealed that he is worried about the future of Brazilian football in relation to possible interference in the performance of refereeing in matches of rivals from São Paulo. The vice-president of red-black football said that the team monitors the situation closely and is concerned with the development of this disagreement between the parties.


In a press conference, held last Thursday, the 6th, Marcos Braz did not hide his sincerity on the subject and warned that Flamengo will not be left behind in history. As much as the problem is between Palmeiras and CBF, there is an internal concern that this could interfere in the club’s games and any other rivals. The idea is to monitor so that the Brazilian Confederation does not succumb to Palmeiras complaints.

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We are definitely following. At first, he does not refer to Flamengo. It’s a complaint from Palmeiras to the CBF. The CBF was tough in its response, Palmeiras was even tougher in what it passed to the press. What cannot happen is that there is pressure like that on top of the arbitration commission saying that the “system is not interested in Palmeiras being champion twice”… Flamengo was champion twice recently. It’s very worrying“, he stated.

According to Marcos Braz, everyone needs to be careful when talking about a subject as delicate as this friction between Palmeiras and CBF. The exchange of accusations between the two sides could reverberate in national football and, in the view of Flamengo’s vice-president, in the Rio de Janeiro team’s games. Therefore, the Red-Black leader made a point of warning that everyone within the club is keeping an eye on the controversy that has agitated Brazilian football.

Leila Pereira
Palmeiras is in constant friction with the CBF, and Flamengo is keeping an eye on this controversy (Credit: Cesar Grecco/Palmeiras)

And it’s even more worrying, I don’t want to be irresponsible in what I’m going to say, Palmeiras fans coming to put pressure here at CBF. Because if we wake up here wanting to put pressure on, imagine Flamengo fans wanting to put pressure on the CBF. It won’t be good there for the hospital opposite, it won’t be good for anything. Not even for Barra Shopping, you’ll get there at Barra Shopping“, he began to explain before talking about what Flamengo has to keep an eye on in this conflict between CBF and Palmeiras.

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“We have to be careful in some explanations so as not to take a complaint out of tone. In my opinion, it is a problem between Palmeiras and the CBF, but it is frightening due to the tone of the words, the tone of what was written and other situations. It is scary, we are following, attentive. I hope that those who take care of the arbitration, the chairman of the commission, that they follow within the protocol trying to always improve, but kneeling down to any kind of forcing the bar“, finished.


Braz detonates controversy between Palmeiras and CBF and reveals tension

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