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Car insurance for seniors is cheaper
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Have you discovered that car insurance for seniors is cheaper than for other age groups and are curious to know why? So follow this article and understand the subject better.

Surely you have seen someone lose patience with an elderly driver in traffic, or even been that person.


This is a very common scene and one that tends to be repeated more and more, as Brazilian expectations increase every year.

This scene is common because elderly people are invariably more careful behind the wheel and respectful of traffic laws, which means they always drive at a reduced speed.

Average price of Fiat car insurance

This behavior may end up bothering some drivers.

What these drivers don't understand is that precisely because they behave like this, car insurance for seniors is cheaper than for other age groups.


If you want to better understand this subject, follow this article.

Car insurance for seniors is cheaper

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Elderly people in traffic

You may have already seen somewhere that the life expectancy of Brazilians is increasing, this means that, with each passing year, people are living longer.

Currently, life expectancy in Brazil is 80 years for women and 73 years for men and, at the same rate that life expectancy increases, the number of children decreases.


Therefore, in a short time we will have an older population and the elderly will be even more present in traffic.

This increase has been accompanied by a greater quality of life in old age, which also helps more and more elderly people to continue driving normally on the streets.

It is important to highlight that people aged 60 or over are considered elderly, and prudence actually ends up being part of their profile for everything including driving.

Therefore, this group is the least involved in accidents, which is exactly why this group can pay up to 33% less when purchasing car insurance.


Why car insurance for seniors is cheaper

When taking out insurance, several factors are evaluated and the elderly end up having an advantage in many of them, which is why they can pay up to 33% less when contracting the service, compared to a young person aged between 18 and 25 and, up to 6 % less than a 45 year old adult.

This happens because people over 60 are more cautious behind the wheel and are involved in fewer accidents, however, these are not the only factors considered to promote this price reduction.

In most cases, the elderly people in question are retired, therefore, the use of the car becomes less frequent, this causes less wear and tear on it, as well as its exposure to risks, that is, the vehicle will be better preserved .

Another factor constantly considered when pricing car insurance is the time in which the vehicle is used.


The later at night a vehicle is used, the greater the risk of it being stolen or stolen and the higher the insurance cost.

Elderly people tend to use their cars only during the day and at off-peak times, very different from young people who go out clubbing at night and often leave their cars on the street.

Experience in traffic also counts, as younger people often don't know how to act in a risky situation and end up having more difficulty getting out of it, which doesn't happen as often with older people.

Auto insurance for seniors

The population is getting older and older, that is, people are living longer and life expectancy has increased.


Because of this, insurance companies are already specializing in order to offer plans aimed at the best age groups and thus serve this population.

Some companies already offer specific insurance coverage for drivers over 60 years of age, which generally works like all others, but with some important differences.

Auto insurance for seniors is aimed at older drivers, regardless of whether they drive more or less frequently, and can include basic coverage that protects against collisions, theft and fire, and additional coverage and services.

The biggest difference in this type of contract is the discount and ease of negotiation.


Quote the price of your Auto Insurance now!

A best quotewith best brokersby the best prices.


Like larger, interest-free installments, for example.

Additionally, services such as home repairs and many others are offered.

It is worth remembering that it is essential that these drivers always pay attention to all the details of the policy when taking out car insurance for the elderly, so that no problems arise in the future.

Furthermore, it is also important that they pay attention to their qualifications.


Remember that up to age 65 it has to be renewed every 5 years and, above that age, the period reduces to every 3 years.

Car insurance for seniors is cheaper

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Car insurance for seniors is cheaper


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Car insurance for seniors is cheaper

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