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Coverage: does motorcycle insurance cover accidents?
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Do you want to know if motorcycle insurance covers accidents? Check out motorcycle insurance coverage and find out how to include the ones you need most!

Taking out vehicle insurance is increasingly necessary. Since, in addition to guaranteeing the protection of material assets, or their monetary value, insurance also helps in emergency situations.


It is also worth noting that coverage may differ depending on the insurance contracted, and it is important to understand and research the available options.

However, here we will address specific coverage first: accident coverage. After all, motorcycle accidents are not uncommon, whether more or less serious. And, in almost all of them, the vehicle presents some damage, making this coverage in car insurance essential.

Does motorcycle insurance cover accidents?

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Does motorcycle insurance cover accidents?

Yes. In the vast majority of motorcycle insurance available on the market, coverage for accidents is provided for in the contract. After all, this is one of the reasons people most seek out insurance.


It can be presented both as basic coverage and as additional or optional, and it is important to pay attention to the signed contract.

And why is this coverage so important? In 2020 alone, the number of accidents increased by 90% compared to 2019.

It is important to highlight that coverage for accidents may differ depending on the insurer, and may even compensate third parties and the damaged vehicle.

In general, accident coverage provides compensation for death or permanent disability and hospital expenses, both for the insurance provider and for anyone traveling with them in the vehicle. In addition, you can have coverage for third parties, the vehicle and support for family members in case it is necessary to travel to another city.


Other motorcycle insurance coverage

In addition to coverage for accidents involving motorcycles, which represents 3 out of every 4 traffic accidents, vehicle insurance also has other coverages. These may vary according to the location where it is carried out and the insurance company chosen.

There are different options, but there are some that we can highlight as the main and most common.

Coverage for theft and fire is part of most insurance offered on the market, and is available in cases of explosion, robbery and total theft of the vehicle. But it does not include damage to third party vehicles, in the case of fire. And, in addition to this, there is comprehensive coverage, which covers damage due to collisions or flooding.

There is also civil liability coverage, which is intended for damage caused to third parties in the event of accidents involving victims, caused by the motorcyclist, or for accidents that damage another vehicle.


And coverage for accessories, such as flashlights, mirrors, headlights, helmets and gloves, which can provide reimbursement for the item if necessary.

Advantages of taking out insurance

The advantages of taking out motorcycle insurance are numerous. But it is important to emphasize the importance of not worrying about other problems that may arise from theft, accidents or other damage to the vehicle.

In addition, many insurance policies offer 24-hour assistance, making it possible to be helped in cases of vehicle failure, damage during a journey or a flat tire. Which makes working or using the motorcycle for rides easier and with fewer worries that could disrupt your daily routine.

Reasons to take out motorcycle insurance

The reasons for taking out motorcycle insurance are extensive and the first point to be highlighted is the security it provides, especially in financial terms. After all, damage caused by accidents or other damage to the motorcycle is unpredictable and you don't always have an emergency financial reserve to cover the necessary expenses.


There is also security for the amount invested in the car, mainly in cases of robbery and theft, which can be recovered if you have insurance. This way, it is possible to have another vehicle without having to exceed the monthly financial expenses and destroy the family budget, or incur a large debt.

Therefore, in addition to the most diverse coverage that motorcycle insurance offers, accident insurance is among the coverages of practically all insurance available on the market.

However, it is important to check the contract and, if necessary, choose to add this coverage, increasing protection for both your vehicle and for you and your financial life.


Coverage: does motorcycle insurance cover accidents?

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Coverage: does motorcycle insurance cover accidents?


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Coverage: does motorcycle insurance cover accidents?


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