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Daya Luz and Pepita together in ?Recruit?
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This Wednesday (16), we were presented with the release of the song Recruit, a partnership between Daya Luz and Pepita, featuring the former “De Férias com o Ex”, João Hadad in the clip. The clip itself was recorded both in Portugal and here in Brazil, for completion. The song itself comes to give voice to the struggle of several women and the LGBTQIA+ community who suffer so much in the military service. Even though it is an upbeat song, it carries a much greater burden than it shows.

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In an interview, both discussed the topics covered, including recounting past moments focused on prejudice and their military career. “I think that prejudice lives on my side, on your side, on everyone's side, but some people pretend and put on a blanket so they can stifle prejudice, but it does exist. Today I am Priscila, creator of the character Pepita, but way back when I was 18 years old. I went to enlist and you have no idea how prejudiced it is, by the tone of your voice, by the way you walk, by any attitude you have. But it's a law that you have to enlist, so for me it was very complicated, it was very sad and I keep thinking how many of my 'Sisters' have already gone through this and how many will have to go through this… because our life is a cycle.” Pepita reports.


Recruit | Daya Luz feat. Nugget

Watch the clip below:

(Video: Reproduction/YouTube)


“I'm going to give transvestites an opportunity because we're in pride month, NO… I don't just live in 'pride month', I live the whole year.”

During the recording, distancing and safety rules regarding the pandemic were respected. The well-crafted music video featured an international trip to Portugal and many “troubles” according to singer and dancer Daya. João Hadad, lawyer and former “De Ferías com o Ex” appears as a model during the clip.

On her social networks, singer Pepita already demonstrates her “militant” side on several occasions, being an activist fighting whenever she can for the rights of LGBTQIA+ people. “People create labels for things that don’t exist. Human beings don't have to have labels. Label is perfume, disinfectant, washing powder, this has to have a label for people to go by the brand of the product. We are not a product, we are human beings, so we can be any way we want. Everybody is equal”.

Daya Luz, Pepita and João Hadad in the video for “Recruta”. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)


“I, for example, as I am a singer and dancer, I like to use my sensuality, unfortunately we are judged a lot for this. But I think we are in a process of evolution in society of understanding that this has nothing to do with it and I hope that one day we will be able to stop this, be able to wear whatever clothes we want on the street, be able to say whatever we want and not be judged for anything”, thesays Daya when asked about the prejudice that women suffer every day.

Both women and the LGBTQIA+ community suffer from different types of prejudice and even during this pandemic it was no different. We need more artists like Daya and Pepita to give voice to this fight and even more so looking for something that we don't think about on a daily basis. How the treatment of these people in the army is something so different and abusive. Let's hope for more projects of this style from both singers.

(Featured Photo: Daya Luz and Pepita in “Recruta”. Reproduction/ Instagram)

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Daya Luz and Pepita together in ?Recruit?

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Daya Luz and Pepita together in ?Recruit?

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