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Summary of the chapters of Mulheres de Areia

Monday – March 4th – Women of Sand

Ruth agrees to talk to Marcos. She says she found him sleeping with Raquel, but Marcos claims he didn't speak to her. Ruth calls him a cynic and leaves. Marcos tells Sampaio that he was the victim of a frame-up. Raquel tells Isaura what she did to separate Ruth from Marcos. Manuela tells Garnizé that she intends to marry Zé Pedro if he returns. Virgilio assures Marcos that he didn't plot anything. Raquel pretends to be innocent in the face of Marcos' accusations. Isaura tells Ruth that she has something important to tell her.

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Tuesday – March 5th – – Women of Sand

Isaura gives up telling Ruth what Raquel did. Carola and Zé Luiz get married, Virgilio reveals to César that Zé Luís is on the farm. Tônia comments to Manoela that Zé Pedro wrote. Dalua goes to the circus and asks the owner to take him with the troupe, but he says he can only leave with Glorinha's permission. Bastião hands himself over to the police and reveals where Donato was hiding, but the police chief no longer finds him on the island. Alaor finds out that the birds on the farm have died and accuses Malu. She gets angry and lies that it was her.


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Wednesday – March 6th – – Women of Sand

Malu tells Alaor that he is leaving the farm. Afterwards, she confesses to Clarita that she didn't kill the animals. Glorinha does not accept that Dalua travels with the circus, but Ruth convinces her otherwise. Virgílio decides to sell the house to get rid of Raquel. Glorinha discovers that Donato is hiding in her house and tells the police officer, who manages to arrest him. Floriano tells Ruth that he trusts Marcos, but she doesn't accept making peace. Luzia, pressured by Celina, confesses to Alaor that she put poison in the water to kill the birds on the farm.

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Thursday – March 7th – Women of Sand

Alaor tells Celina that he will apologize to Malu. Munhoz says goodbye to Tônia and tells her that he is going to run a hospital. Juju tells Sampaio that he accepts the divorce because he met a farmer. Virgilio comments to César that his illness is getting worse. Damião invites Alzira to go to the cinema. Alemão reveals to the fishermen that Servilio stole the money that belonged to Floriano and they force him to return it. Malu accepts Alaor's apology. The scarecrow appears to Virgilio. Virgílio tries to run after the scarecrow but suffers a heart attack and dies in the light source.


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Friday – March 8 – Women of Sand

Clarita and Marcos find Virgilio's body on the beach and Munhoz says he died of a heart attack. Tônia returns home and Manuela sees her taking off her scarecrow clothes. The two hear the news of Virgilio's death on the radio and decide to burn the costume. Servilio returns the money to Floriano. Manoela sets the date for her wedding with Zé Pedro. Alzira tells Dalua that she is going to the cinema with Damião and thinks he will be jealous, but Dalua gives her money. Clarita finds Vera's poster. Raquel provokes Ruth.

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Monday – March 11 – Women of Sand

Raquel tells Ruth that she just wanted a night of passion with Marcos. The sister leaves angry and Raquel tells Isaura that she will not let Ruth be happy. Clarita gives the poster to Breno and Vera keeps it with her. Afterwards, she preaches it in front of the church. Everyone in Pontal sees the poster and Breno doesn't understand Vera's attitude. German says goodbye to the fishermen and receives a gift. Vera explains to Breno that she has only now managed to free herself from the past. César chases Raquel on the road and her car ends up overturning and exploding.


Tuesday – March 12 – – Women of Sand

Caesar leaves scared. Floriano receives the news of Raquel's death and tells Ruth and Isaura. Dalua is thrilled with Raquel’s death. Marcos tells Ruth that she is going to travel far away and doesn't know if she will return. Manoela creates a petition among residents to ask Breno to return to city hall. Breno tells everyone that, even without legally being the mayor, he will carry out the beach sanitation project. Vitor tells Tônia that Joel opened a surfboard factory. Isaura reveals to Ruth that Raquel lied.

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Wednesday – March 13 – – Women of Sand

Isaura explains to Ruth that Marcos was drugged and Raquel created the scene in which the two appeared to sleep together. Tônia tells Zé Pedro that she dressed up as a scarecrow to scare Virgilio. Alemão delivers the first copy of the book he wrote about Pontal to Clarita. Isaura returns home. Ruth doesn't find Marcos in the apartment and goes after him at the airport, but she doesn't find him either. César gives his apartment as a gift to Zé Luiz. Dalua gives a sculpture of his face to Alzira. Marcos meets with Ruth.

Thursday – March 14 – Women of Sand

Ruth apologizes to Marcos and says that Isaura told her how Raquel plotted their separation. The two kiss passionately and he takes her for a ride in a hot air balloon. Isaura comments to Floriano that she will always miss Raquel. Dalua gets ready to leave like a circus. In jail, Donato tells the inmates that he will take revenge on whoever put him there. Malu's friends show up at the farm for a bridal shower and Alaor doesn't like it.


Friday – March 15 – Women of Sand

Juju invites Clarita to spend a few days on her farm. Alemão tells the fishermen that he wrote a book telling the history and lives of the residents of Pontal. Alaor and Malu argue and he tells Celina that he will tame her. Do Carmo gives Dalua a zorro outfit to wear in the circus. To apologize to Alaor, Malu dresses like a country bumpkin. He thinks it's funny, but says he prefers her the way she is and the two kiss. The circus caravan says goodbye to the city and Dalua waves to everyone riding in cheek. Alzira is sad in the corner. Dalua meets a contortionist called Ruth. Everyone goes to the launch of Alemão’s book. Marcos and Ruth ride a yacht. End!

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Summary of the chapters of Mulheres de Areia

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