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European competition, See as psg vs man city struggles for the Prime title

psg vs man city seeking a premiere in the Champions League. So far, both of them have never felt the luxury of the trophy of the highest caste competition between European clubs.

PSG was the best to get to the final, last season. It was the first time for them.

Meanwhile, ManCity’s best achievement was the semifinals. However, in the last three seasons, they were always stuck in the quarter-finals.


If one of them enters the final and becomes champion, he will be the 23rd winner in European competition. They became the second new champions after the European highest caste competition in the Champions League format after Chelsea.

European competition, See as psg vs man city struggles
European competition, ManCity and PSG the hunters.

Interestingly, in order to set foot in the semifinals, psg vs man city both beat Germany’s representatives.

PSG was able to get revenge from Bayern Munich. They escaped because after winning away goals even though they were on aggregate to draw, 3-3.

Meanwhile, ManCity was able to outperform Borussia Dortmund back to back. In two legs in the quarter-finals, ManCity always wins over Dortmund. Until the aggregate score becomes 4-2.

Qualifiers for the great trophy will be determined after the Second leg Game on 5th of May, 2021 so Stay tune as we continue to discuss in details



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