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Are you going to take out car insurance? So, read this text and learn how to choose the best car insurance!

Taking out car insurance is not like buying clothes. This is because this contract needs to go well beyond the testing moment, in which the user checks whether the option will work or not.


In fact, insurance is usually taken out for one year, and should be sufficient for this entire period. After all, he cannot be exchanged until his contract comes to an end.

How far does the responsibility go?

That is why, before hiring the service, the consumer must evaluate it carefully. Otherwise, you may not get all the assistance you need, and you may have to deal with loss losses on your own.

Want to know how to make the best car insurance choice? Continue following the text and find out what to consider.

Car insurance: what you need to know before you buy

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How to get car insurance?

Car insurance aims to guarantee the user compensation for their losses. This happens both after partial losses and after total losses.

A total loss occurs when the cost to repair the vehicle corresponds to more than 75% of the car's market value.

If the car is partially lost, part of the repair costs are paid by the insurance company. If the loss is total, the customer receives full compensation for the purchase of a new vehicle.

Just as the insured needs all the information about the insurer's suitability, the insurer also needs to know everything it can about the insured.


This way, she will be able to assess the chances of compensating the vehicle and calculate the cost of protection. After all, she wants to be sure that she will not incur losses. Factors such as the number of coverages also influence insurance costs.

Therefore, when taking out insurance for your vehicle, you will need to inform the chosen insurer of information such as your name, place of residence, car registration, use of the vehicle and more.

Insurers prefer the insured who offers the lowest possible risk. The greater the risk of an accident occurring, the higher the price of car insurance will be. This is why groups such as young drivers and single men (considered less prudent) pay more for protection.

Do you have an armored car? Take out insurance for it and be even more protected!


How is car insurance value calculated?

Your age, sex and marital status are the main points evaluated by insurers to calculate the cost of your insurance. But the evaluation doesn’t stop there.

This data will be analyzed together with other information, such as region of residence, length of time you have had your driver's license and the age of the children who live with you.

The number of insurance coverages and the type of use of the car also greatly influence the final cost.


If your age is between 26 and 60 years old, you will be entitled to lower cost car insurance than someone under 26 years old.


This is because statistics show that young people are “hasty” when driving, more reckless, and are those who are most involved in traffic accidents.

These accidents are generally caused by disobeying traffic signs, driving after drinking alcohol and/or driving at high speed.

After the age of 26, however — and especially after the age of 30 — studies show that drivers start to be more careful, as a result of their own maturity.

Therefore, insurance for this population may be cheaper. After all, the chances that the insurance company will need to pay compensation are lower.



Based on studies carried out in Brazil, insurers understand that women are the least involved in claims.

Especially traffic collisions as they are more careful. This way, companies offer lower costs for women to take out insurance.

marital status

Married individuals, whether men or women, have advantages over single people when it comes to taking out car insurance.

This is because they are considered more responsible. Generally, they also transport children, which is one of the factors that, theoretically, determines that the driver drives more carefully.


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Children under 26

If you are going to take out insurance and have children under 26 who live with you, you will need to “declare” them to the insurance company. Then, you will need to prove that you are the one driving at least 85% of the time.

City and region in which you reside

Your home address is essential information when taking out car insurance. This is because, the higher the high rate of theft of the vehicle model, the greater the risk of the insurer having to pay compensation.

Therefore, the cost of insurance for the user is higher. Mainly in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, prices are quite different for models that are rarely seen.

Do you want to know how partial car insurance works? Then read what we have already written on the subject.


Insurance coverage

You also need to know what your insurance coverage will be. They must be chosen according to your needs, as there is no point in having a service if you have no intention of using it when you need it.

It is possible to choose, for example, more basic coverage. As just for the one against robbery and theft, called partial theft insurance plan.

In addition to this, there are more complete ones, which include collisions and damage to third parties. Additional coverage may also be included in the plan, such as protecting the vehicle's windows and gas kit.

Even though some aspects make insurance more expensive, it is not advisable for you to hide information or lie to the insurance company.


This is because, after an accident (theft, fire, collision, etc.), the insurance company will investigate the incident and the conditions under which it occurred.

She will be able to verify, for example, that the car was parked on a public street, even if your contract said that you would only park the vehicle in a closed parking lot.

The insurer may also verify that your child was driving the vehicle, even if he or she was not named on the policy.

In situations like this, where information differs, the insurer may accuse the consumer of fraud. With fraud, the company may deny payment of compensation. In this scenario, the user will have to bear all the losses alone.


Care when taking out car insurance

Before signing the insurance contract, the insured must know their rights and duties to maintain insurance coverage.

The protection becomes valid immediately after the policy is approved, which can occur within 15 days. The document must detail all the coverage and services to which the insured is entitled.

The value of the insurance deductible must also be indicated, in a fixed or percentage format.

The insurance deductible is the amount the consumer is responsible for when paying for car repairs. It is through this that the user and the insurance company share the losses.

For example: your deductible is R$1,000, and repairing your vehicle, after an accident, will cost R$4,500. This means that you will pay R$1,000 to the workshop, and the insurance company will pay the remaining R$3,500.


Care when taking out car insurance

Care when taking out car insurance

Obligations must also be fulfilled. To do this, the user needs to inform the insurance company whenever there are any changes to the vehicle.

Or, in relation to the consumer himself, such as changing residence. The data needs to be updated through an endorsement, and will guarantee payment of compensation.

In the event of an accident, the customer also needs to know how to proceed. This information must be obtained before anything happens and, in this regard, the broker can help.

The broker is the simplest means of contacting the insurance company, and can mediate situations in which the user needs assistance.


Pay attention to your car insurance policy!

After obtaining the information to take out the insurance, you need to read the policy carefully. If you have any doubts, you should ask the broker so that, together, you can reach the best possible solution.

Thus, the necessary coverage will be contracted, but in accordance with appropriate values ​​and knowledge of the standards. Then, just take out the insurance and enjoy all its benefits.

Think about it: car insurance is worth it! Without insurance, you will worry about the threats that occur in city traffic and on the road. Furthermore, there is a risk that your car will be stolen, leaving you at a loss.

With insurance, however, all losses provided for in the policy are reimbursed. The cost of insurance is always worth it!


If it is never activated, even better — because the consumer gets the advantage of accumulating bonus classes. Classes work like a points program.

The consumer earns a little each time they renew their insurance without having contacted the insurer the following year. Each point gives the user a percentage discount when purchasing protection. This percentage varies by insurer.

Why is an insurance broker important?

In addition to doubts about how to take out car insurance, many want to know about the importance of a broker.

Well, then, know that the insurance broker is the one who will represent you with insurance companies. Therefore, hiring him is essential to resolve your doubts and find out the best plans.


Not to mention that it has partnerships with insurance companies, which can meet your needs at more affordable prices.

If you really want to protect your vehicle, take out car insurance with a tracker!

The broker is also able to indicate exactly what the user needs, depending on their profile, they will also defend their rights and interests, so that the insurers comply with what is established in the contract.

Whenever you have to contact the insurance company, it will be the broker who will give you full support, offering the best service.


Why do I need to fill out a form?

To arrive at a plan and price that best suits the customer profile, insurers need to understand the user. This way, it becomes possible to price the plans.

Based on the consumer's profile, insurers can still decide whether or not to offer protection to the customer. After all, companies are not obliged to guarantee the contract to the customer.

If they do not understand the negotiation as a good deal, they are free to ask the user to look for another company.

Is it important to compare different insurance companies?

This is one of the most common questions about how to get car insurance. The answer is yes, it is essential to compare different insurance companies! Quoting from several companies guarantees you the best price and coverage.


All this because not all insurance companies offer equal coverage. The amount they charge for services also varies a lot.

Not to mention the advantages and benefits they offer, such as extra coverage and services. To provide a simplified quote, you can count on a good broker. Another option is to request an online quote on our website.

Count on comprehensive car insurance to ensure greater protection for your property. Know more!

Now you know how to take out car insurance, and the advantages of getting it. Customize your plan and guarantee all the coverage you need for your car! This way, you will have more peace of mind in your daily life.


everything you need to know

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everything you need to know


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