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Passive income ideas the best ways and ever green methods to earn passive income online. while not explore this options and gain financial freedom.

what is Passive Income?

When I tell you about passive income, it doesn’t mean that you are going to make money without doing anything .

In fact, to generate this additional salary, you will need to put in place an initial effort, which you can then profit from in the long term . The work is done upstream. It makes it possible to release money later and in the long term.

Passive income comes in when you continue to get paid for a job you’ve already completed .


For example, when authors write a book, they are paid copyright for many years, while the writing is already done. They therefore have a passive income, and continue to be paid even if they no longer exercise any activity.

The 14 Passive Income Ideas

The sale of products

Do you have the soul of a handyman or an artist? Do you like to create your own products? So why not share them with the general public by selling them on the Internet ?

In this case, the WiziShop platform allows you to create your own online sales site, quickly and easily. You are then free to photograph your articles to offer them for sale and ensure their promotion.

Moreover, know that the WiziShop subscription also includes training to help you develop your business and launch your e-commerce.


If, however, you don’t feel ready to own your own online store, there are also other specialist marketplaces , like Etsy, which feature products from thousands of different artisans and designers.

These sites make it possible to reach a very large audience. On the other hand, in return for their good and loyal services, they charge a commission corresponding to a percentage of your sales.


Another very popular way to generate passive income on the Internet is to start a blog .

Gerenciamento de Riscos em Apostas Esportivas

However, be aware that this approach requires a fairly significant initial investment.


For a blog to be successful, it must be able to attract a large audience and integrate a lot of informative and attractive content .

The blog has the advantage of offering several different income streams. All subjects can also be mentioned there, provided you know how to transmit your passion through writing and set up a niche site with a very specific theme.

Another strong point: the blog is a fairly easy site to build. For that, it is not necessary to be an expert in data processing. On the other hand, it is better to have good writing skills .

Likewise, prefer to choose a topic that you are really passionate about, otherwise it will be more difficult to interest your readers.


Once your blog reaches a sufficient level of traffic, there are several options for you to turn it into a source of income . Advertising, embedding affiliate links or setting up brand partnerships are all things that can monetize your blog.

4. Online courses

The last few years have literally seen an explosion in the number of training courses and online courses.

If you have in-depth knowledge in a specific area, you should know that delivering courses on the Internet is a great source of passive income . Indeed, this system offers advantages to each party:

  • The trainer can provide distance training and does not need to travel . It saves time and therefore money!
  • As a result, Internet courses are cheaper than physical training. People can therefore benefit from training at the best price.

Some platforms bring together thousands of training courses like Udemy. In this case, the trainer is paid directly by the site in question , by receiving a commission.

passive income ideas

passive Income ideas

Online courses are given by videoconference while others are completely delivered in writing. Operation varies from platform to platform.

You are free to decide if you prefer to offer editorial or visual content!


Finally, if you already have a site generating high traffic, do not hesitate to integrate paid courses online .

The dissemination of your training through a platform is in no way mandatory. You have every right to manage on your own to make yourself known and impart your knowledge.

5. Advertising inserts on your website

If your site attracts a lot of traffic, brands related to your business will be happy to publish their advertisements there for a fee.

You could then get paid in exchange for the advertising inserts on your pages. This is another way to get regular cash flow.


Of course, the idea is not to increase the number of campaigns on your website, but rather to target them correctly so as not to harm the ergonomics of your site .

Spotify paid R$1.2 billion to Brazilian artists in 2023

The Internet user must find an interest in the presence of these advertisements. There must be a logical link between the content of your site and the campaigns displayed there.

6. Affiliation (passive income ideas)

Affiliate Marketing Doesn’t Mean Anything To You? However, you have inevitably already met some on the Internet.

It is about setting up a partnership with one or more brands and earning a commission by promoting their products . The only condition? Have contacts and be a good salesperson.


More specifically, as soon as someone buys from your partner, following your recommendation, you get a commission . This is called affiliation.

Specialized platforms like Affilae connect brands and publishers.

passive income ideas

passive Income ideas

So how do you go about talking about these products for sale to as many people as possible?

If you have a blog, do not hesitate to set up affiliate partnerships with brands related to the topics discussed on your site .

For example, if you have a mechanics blog, try to affiliate with one or more parts brands. It would be wise to drag links to their websites in your articles.


Here again, even if it is possible to sign partnerships with several brands, content yourself with promoting a few well-targeted products, so as not to tarnish your image with your audience.

Your objective must be twofold: to offer added value to your readers , by offering them the possibility of buying an interesting product, while freeing you additional income.

7. Sponsorship on social networks

Do you spend most of your time on social networks like Facebook or Instagram? What if the time spent on your Smartphone now serves to increase your income ?

Sponsorship on social networks is a way more and more used to make ends meet.


On the other hand, it requires a strong basic investment, because it requires having a large community of fans .

Start by specializing in the creation of content on a specific subject: travel, fashion, makeup, fitness …

Almost all areas can be suitable for sponsorship on social networks!

Gradually, develop your audience and try to acquire as many followers as possible . The bigger your account, the more legitimacy you will have to negotiate sponsored posts.


Brands are sometimes willing to pay large sums of money for certain influencers to promote their products on Instagram.

Today, it is an excellent means of advertising that is exchanged for substantial income . So what are you waiting for to profit from your popularity on social media?

Intel foresees spending up to US$100 billion to expand the company's operations

8. The sale of digital products

Selling digital products online is another lever that creates important sources of income.

But, what does “digital products” really mean?


These are non-physical items that Internet users can download directly from the Internet. For example, if you specialize in a particular area, why not create an online course, an ebook or a podcast to sell on your site?

This digital product sales system offers many advantages:

  • The seller has no inventory to manage since it is not physical products;
  • He does not have to worry about shipments and deliveries;
  • The customer can purchase the item at any time of the day or night, regardless of their location in the world;
  • The download is instant. The buyer should therefore not wait before receiving his purchase.

Very often, digital products are linked to the sharing of expertise, education or training .

With this process, everything is done directly online, quickly and easily. The only limit? Possess an area of ​​expertise and make it attractive.

9. Real estate (Passive income ideas)

Real estate is one of the most important sources of passive income for achieving financial independence.


Moreover, many current millionaires have annuities for life , and even over several generations, simply by having known how to grow their housing stock.

There are several ways to earn money through housing:

  • By buying, renovating and reselling real estate while making a capital gain;
  • By making long-term rental investment;
  • By making seasonal tourist rental;
  • By offering all or part of your own accommodation for rent, through platforms like Airbnb.

Obviously, the launch of such projects is expensive. The main disadvantage of this system is that you have to buy a house or an apartment initially .

If you do not have sufficient funds and do not want to use traditional bank credit for real estate investment, know that there are crowdfounding sites to help you invest.

Likewise, you are free to visit these platforms as an investor.


In this case, you could take part in collective real estate projects , while investing smaller amounts than if you bought your own home on your own.

10. Rental of goods

Do you own all kinds of goods in your home and tend to accumulate a lot of things in your basement or garage? So why not use all of these products to earn additional income each month ?

Many individuals search the Internet for specific rental items rather than wanting to purchase them.

Indeed, we have all already acquired certain objects to use them only once. Such a waste ! In this case, it is better to rent them. Some items are particularly suitable for rental , especially those related to construction, construction or festivities.


More specifically, do you have a jigsaw, a Karcher or a bubble machine to brighten up the evenings? Rather than letting them sleep in your garage or attic, offer them for rental to individuals . You rent and you earn additional income.

how to make a game with no money 1

You will make people happy while obtaining a salary supplement… A win-win system!

Some sites are also specialized in the rental of goods . They offer secure rental solutions and have pre-established contracts, as well as insurance to cover the equipment against possible disputes.

11. Sale of photos and videos

If you have the soul of an artist and you make photos and videos, why not sell them on the Internet to make money?


Images that you find on Google cannot be used and are often copyrighted .

For example, if you decide to create your own website, you will not be able to draw your visuals directly from Google images: you will have to go through specialized platforms that offer “royalty-free” images in exchange for a subscription such as Shutterstock, so you can download and use them as you wish.

passive income ideas

passive Income ideas

However, these platforms are companies that are constantly looking for images.

If you’re a photography enthusiast and take great shots, don’t just show them off at home. You could simply offer them for sale and take advantage of their popularity to make further income from them .

Of course, photography and video are activities that cannot be improvised and that require a significant level of experience, advanced knowledge in mastering images and the acquisition of suitable equipment.


So, if photography is already your greatest passion, take advantage of it … It could well become the source of additional income!

12. Vehicle advertising

What if I told you that it is possible to make money just by driving your car or parking in strategic places?

You may have already noticed that many cars display advertisements on their bodywork .

However, that doesn’t always mean that their driver is the CEO of the brand in question. Some brands are willing to pay for motorists to promote themselves.


Obviously, the profitability of these advertisements depends on your number of trips , as well as the places where you drive and park.

You will easily understand that brands are not interested in renting an advertising insert on a vehicle parked in a garage or which only drives in rural areas.

lower profit in the first quarter of 2024

On the other hand, if you drive in large cities and your car is regularly exposed to everyone’s eyes, it can be an interesting strategy to generate passive income in a passive way.

Some drivers manage to make ends meet by a few hundred dollars without ever changing their habits.


13. Sponsorship

Sponsorship is another marketing technique that allows businesses to expand their customer base by leveraging referrals .

The idea is simple: ask an existing customer to promote his brand to his relatives .

If their referral results in a sale, the referrer is rewarded by receiving money, a gift, a voucher, or a discount. This is called sponsorship.

As you will have understood, sponsorship is a process quite similar to affiliation . The main purpose of the sponsor is to promote a business. Its objective is clear: to make as many of its godchildren as possible adhere to the offer of a brand, to receive, in exchange, a passive income.


Today, sponsorship is highly developed and it exists in many areas : online banks, telephone operators, private sales… So try to choose a product that you believe in. Your efforts will be even better rewarded!

14. Parking rental

Finally, if you already know the rental of housing through platforms like Airbnb, know that it is also possible to rent, in the same way, your parking lot or your garage .

In large cities, parking spaces are totally saturated.

Of course, there are private and paid car parks to allow individuals to park their vehicle.


However, these car parks are very expensive, especially when it comes to long-term parking. Many drivers are therefore looking for alternative solutions to park their car in a secure, practical place and at an attractive price.

What if you had the solution right outside your home? Do you have a parking space or a garage that you are not using?

In that case, rent it out and earn passive income without making any effort .

Some sites like Zenpark list thousands of parking places for rent, in all the cities of France and Europe.


Motorists find your parking lot via the website. They reserve it. They get an automated smartphone sesame, which allows them to open your garage door. Transactions are completely secure and insurance is included.





passive income ideas



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