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Horizon Chase 2: Triumphal Return of the 90s
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If you enjoy arcade racing games, especially classic arcade racing games, 90'syou've almost certainly played it Horizon Chase Turbo.

And now, after being released for PC in 2023, the sequel, Horizon Chase 2, has finally arrived on consoles. Bigger and better than the first in practically every aspect, it's a real delight for anyone who feels that need for speed.

Aquiris: From Brazilian Studio to Global Sensation

Before we talk about Horizon Chase 2's insane races, it's worth remembering the developer's history. Aquiris, the Brazilian studio behind this success, was recently purchased and now operates under another name. But don't worry, this only broadened people's horizons.


The studio, based in Porto Alegre, has always done well in creating visually impressive and fun games. Horizon Chase 2 is proof of this, bringing delicious nostalgia with a modern touch that has won over players all over the world.

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Running Like It's 1995

If you have already played Horizon Chase Turboyou can skip straight to Horizon Chase 2 and start running like it's 1995. Around the world (WorldTour) is the big attraction, with a campaign that takes players around the world in several chapters. Along the way, you collect chips and face challenging levels of Time Attacktesting your driving skills.

The cool thing is that you can customize your cars. The coins you earn after each race can be spent on new paint jobs, wheels, and even body kits. And as you level up, you earn upgrade tokens to improve handling, acceleration and top speed. It's like customizing your car in Need for Speed ​​Underground while listening to that pirated Soundgarden CD you just bought at the street vendor. Wow, I miss the 90s.


Multiplayer: Racing Against the World

Out of mode Around the worldplayers can stay hooked on Horizon Chase 2 with the features of online multiplayer. Competing with people from around the world is where the game really gets going. Additionally, the global leaderboards offer extra competition and there is a Challenge mode that challenges you to complete races with crazy objectives, like not collecting certain tokens or using boost a lot of times. Oh, and there is local co-op Also, perfect for playing with friends on the couch. I told you that here is a back to the 90sand you didn't believe it, right?

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A Beautiful Nostalgic View


The visual presentation is another strong point of Horizon Chase 2. Visually, it's a huge leap forward from the first game, with much more detailed car models and environments. And look how cool: during the race, the weather can change. You start with clear visibility and suddenly a sandstorm appears, making everything more challenging. It's like that wonderful 90s arcade look that we love so much, only now in its glorious 4K resolution running on OLED TVs that we have today.

This is Brazil-sil-sil! The Excellent Brazilian Representation!

Horizon Chase 2 really got me when it showed Brazilian cities. Olindathe city of my paternal grandfather, and Cinnamon and Gramado, where my grandmother lived, are represented in an incredible way. In Gramado, we have the entrance to the city, the famous lake with the pedal boat ducks, and the guys had the trick of putting up Rua Coberta, which looked fantastic at the end of the race. It's a nostalgia that hits hard, as if I were visiting these cities again, but this time at high speed. I just don't understand why they chose to have two scenarios in Ouro Preto. Although beautiful, they could have used another Brazilian city as well, to give more variety. But who am I to question the developers, right?

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I tested the PS5 version and, in addition to being beautiful, the game runs super smooth. Horizon Chase 2 It has a sense of insane speed, and the constant frame rate makes everything flow perfectly. Even better, loading times are super fast, so you're not left waiting to start your next race. And there's also a cool use of the control's haptic feedback, which makes the experience even more immersive. Ah, modern technology really enhances nostalgia, doesn't it?


Criticisms? Of course yes, we have some…

Okay, let's get to the complaints. The first is that if you played the Horizon Chase Turbo original, you can find the way Around the world too easy at first. They could have added difficulty options.

The second is that, just like in the first game, the cars sometimes seem to be on tracks, and you just drive them. But again, that's part of the classical inspiration. It's like playing Top Gear on the Super Nintendo and realizing you're not really driving, just trying to survive the curves. It's just an impression, as the game is entirely 3D.

Another criticism is that of course, we wanted more cities, more game modes, and of course, we could also have more cars, but this seems like it's some kind of strategy to release some DLC later. So the only way is to wait!



  • Improved and detailed visuals
  • Incredible feeling of speed
  • Fun and competitive multiplayer mode
  • Extensive vehicle customization
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  • Around the World mode may be too easy for veterans
  • Cars sometimes appear to be on tracks
  • Could have more scenarios and more game modes

Rating: 8.5/10

Overall, if you enjoy arcade racing games, consider Horizon Chase 2 mandatory. It has great graphics and design, an addictive soundtrack and gameplay that you can't put down. Thanks to multiplayer, you can play with others, both online and offline. So yes, it has its flaws, but it's still a brilliant tribute to 90s arcade racing games. After all, who doesn't want to feel the adrenaline rush of racing at high speeds while trying to remember where they put that old Mario Kart cartridge?

Horizon Chase 2: Triumphal Return of the 90s

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Horizon Chase 2: Triumphal Return of the 90s

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