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Learn more about commercial car insurance
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Do you want to insure your work car, but aren't sure how to get insurance for your vehicle? The best option for your case is commercial car insurance, a service what It is intended for cars that are used to carry out professional activities.

When do I lose my car insurance bonus?

Anyone who has a vehicle knows the importance of having some type of protection for it.


It doesn't matter if we're talking about an older car, a motorcycle, or even a recently launched imported model.

When the vehicle is used for commercial purposes it is even more important to have adequate protection.

After all, these vehicles tend to travel much more than private cars, including in areas considered at risk and end up being more exposed to risks.

For this type of vehicle, there is commercial car insurance.


A product created especially for those who use a vehicle for professional purposes and cannot lose out.

Follow this article and find out how it works and what services it offers.

Commercial car insurance

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See how commercial car insurance works

Commercial car insurance is intended for vehicles used to carry out professional activities, therefore, they can have very specific characteristics depending on their purpose.


Companies usually hire this protection to ensure that the vehicle used for professional purposes is safe during activities, thus preventing theft, theft, collisions and others.

Some coverage also guarantees protection against injuries and other problems caused to drivers of protected vehicles and passengers.

This promotes greater security for the company's employees and its own assets, since, if it is necessary to provide any assistance, it will not be the company's responsibility but rather the insurance's.

Who is commercial car insurance suitable for?

It is intended for companies that have few or just one vehicle, that is, companies and independent professionals who only work with one vehicle or who do not necessarily have a fleet.


Commercial car insurance is generally sought after by smaller companies or even new entrepreneurs, or micro-entrepreneurs.

In other words, legal entities that only have one work vehicle and wish to keep their property safe, free from common problems such as collisions, robberies, theft, fires and other types of accidents.

Advantages of commercial car insurance

Commercial car insurance can offer a series of benefits, the main ones being:

  • Guarantee of protection for the vehicle in various situations;
  • Protection of equipment installed in the vehicle for professional use;
  • Insurance for third parties and customers, if it is a vehicle transporting people;
  • Reduction of financial losses for the company in the event of an incident involving the vehicle;
  • Possibility to choose the type of coverage;
  • And much more.

How to take out commercial car insurance

To take out this type of insurance you must first do a good search with many quotes, the more quotes you get from different companies, the greater the chances of finding one that offers all the services you need at a price that fits your budget.

There are two simpler ways to carry out this research without much expense or investment of time.


The first is through the internet.

The vast majority of insurance companies currently offer the option of obtaining quotes online.

The second and, perhaps more interesting than the first, is to enlist the help of an insurance broker, a professional specialized in the subject, competent and reliable who can make the entire research and contracting process simpler and more agile.

Furthermore, there are online platforms (such as our website) that offer this online insurance brokerage service.


In other words, in addition to having a specialist, you also don’t need to leave the comfort of your home.

After making all possible quotes and receiving proposals, you will need to analyze the one that is most interesting for your vehicle and company, choose the coverage you deem necessary and hire the service.

What is the cost of insurance for commercial cars? Is there a way to make it cheaper?

The cost of hiring this service will directly depend on different factors.


Quote the price of your Auto Insurance now!

A best quotewith best brokersby the best prices.

Insurers consider the model and year of manufacture of the vehicle, but they also consider what purpose it is used for, where it usually travels, how much it usually drives per day, in addition to the coverage chosen.


Therefore, to find out how much it costs, you need to get a quote.

To guarantee cheaper insurance you need to research several insurers to get the best offer.

Furthermore, when the company adopts preventive care the value can be reduced.

A good example is having security items, such as a car tracker, they help reduce the price of your plan.


The characteristics of the car and its category are also taken into account by the insurance company, as some models, for example, pose more risk.

These factors also make insurance more expensive.

Utility cars are an example of these points that are considered.

As they are more exposed to risk, they have more expensive insurance.


Diesel vehicles are also more targeted by criminals.

As the engines of these cars are usually sold on the black market for other purposes, they have a higher incidence of theft.

Therefore, anyone using a vehicle for commercial purposes must choose the model to be used carefully.

In addition to opting for an economical model that uses little fuel, the model also needs to be taken into account.


Vehicles that have already been discontinued, for example, also have more expensive insurance and maintenance, as parts are more difficult to find.

Is it worth taking out commercial car insurance?

Even if the value is higher than the value of insurance for cars for private use, having a vehicle exposed in this way without any type of protection can be quite risky.

Although the insurance has a high value, the loss that the driver may have if he suffers an accident without having insurance can be much greater and the amount to be spent much higher than it would be if the driver had taken out insurance. .

Furthermore, these vehicles are a work tool and any day without them is a day that the driver stops earning his livelihood.

In other words, these days stopped further increase the loss suffered by the driver.


Therefore, it is worth having commercial car insurance and being as protected as possible.

Insurance for app drivers

Insurance for app drivers tends to be more expensive than insurance for cars that are not used for commercial purposes.

This is because these cars run more and are more exposed to risks.

For this reason, not all companies accept these vehicles, however, it is still easy to find insurance for commercial vehicles.


APP insurance

Uber is one of the companies that has, as a prerequisite for driver registration, contracting APP insurance.

Insurance with other coverages such as theft and collisions is not mandatory, however, it is highly recommended, as the car belongs to the owner and any damage will mean a loss for the customer.

The more complete the insurance contracted by the driver, the more calm he will be able to be about possible unforeseen events.

APP coverage is insurance for Passenger Personal Accidents.


It covers medical expenses, cases of total or partial disability and compensates for death.

The obligation imposed by the applications is precisely because with this insurance the passenger is protected and will be able to compensate the passenger if an accident occurs.

This coverage can be purchased as an addition to more complete car insurance or separately.

What is the difference between APP insurance and third party damage insurance?

Despite appearing similar at first glance, APP insurance and third-party insurance are quite different and aimed at different people.


Third-party damage insurance serves to cover damage caused to third parties, in the event of a collision, for example.

This third party is the other vehicle involved in the accident, and not the passengers of the insured car.

In addition, third-party damage insurance covers material damage, such as car repairs, for example.

It can also be called Optional Civil Liability.


Meanwhile, APP insurance only covers personal damage, that is, injuries caused by an accident.

This coverage is intended, however, only for passengers who are inside the insured vehicle.

This insurance can often be little sought after because people think that having DPVAT is enough to have this coverage and receive these compensations.

However, DPVAT insurance has a much lower indemnity than APP insurance, in addition to having a much longer payment period.


Payment of the DPVAT is more affordable, but in the time of an emergency, receiving this amount can be much more difficult.

Now that you know better how commercial car insurance works, what are the main advantages of having this service and how to take out it, there are no more reasons to continue driving your company car without adequate protection.

Learn more about commercial car insurance

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Learn more about commercial car insurance



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Learn more about commercial car insurance

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