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Marcos Mion debuts new phase of Caldeirão: 'Dream come true'

Madison Square Garden, one of the most important multipurpose halls in New York, be careful. Starting this Saturday, March 16th, right there at Estúdios Globo, in the West Zone of Rio, Marcos Mion you will have a space that will leave nothing to be desired for foreigners.

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Debuting a new phase, Caldeirão com Mion will highlight, from now on, both a reformulated setting and visual identity: “Everything thought out down to the smallest details and developed over the last six months”, he said Mionfirstly.

Two years after arriving at Globo, replacing Luciano Huck, Mion He says that being the host of Globo's Saturday afternoons is a dream come true.

“It’s something that takes my dream of being in this place and not only enhances it, but makes it come true. It's a huge honor to be officially called to this position, because I see it as a very big step in my history at the broadcaster. Everything was step by step. From temporary presenter to official host of Globo’s Saturday”, he said, finally.

What's new

Among the new features is the musical game Caldeirokê. In it, two artists form their teams to play every week. In other words: fun is guaranteed!

Find out details of the new Caldeirão Com Mion


This is karaoke with small adaptations. The main one concerns the choice of music: it doesn’t exist! Therefore, the participant only finds out what they are going to sing, at the time. This Saturday, 16th, Rafael Portugal It is Tata Werneckstart the dispute, each with a team.

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“No one is sad at karaoke! And the cool thing is no one sings well. The only thing that is prohibited is singing Evidence”, joked the presenter, citing the hit song Chitãozinho and Xororó. “You dance around, with a straight face… You have to involve the crowd”, added the presenter.

Caldeirokê promises surprises – photo: TV Globo

Understand the dynamics of Caldeirokê

In the first stage, the microphones phase, the guest artist and his friends choose one of the six colored microphones. Each of them hides a classic Karaoke song. When choosing, the song is revealed and the player has five seconds to start singing.

After the presentation, the judges assign scores that will be added up to the second phase. In the second stage, the show phase, is when the team previously chooses a song to try to convince the judges and the audience that they are the real Karaoke artists. The team with the most points from the jury wins.


According to Marcos Mion, the idea for the painting is his and the development is that of the team: “The embryo is mine, yes, of a clear desire to bring joy to the stage. And when they came back to me, I already had the structure of a game”, he detailed.

Marcos Mion in a yellow shirt, with several microphones pointed at him
Marcos Mion had the idea for Caldeirokê – Photo: TV Globo/Léo Rosário

Flavia Cirino

She is a journalist with a degree from Universidade Gama Filho and a postgraduate degree in Cultural Journalism and Press Relations from Estácio de Sá. She is our steady hand in Rio de Janeiro and has been part of the OFuxico team since 2003.



Marcos Mion debuts new phase of Caldeirão: 'Dream come true'

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