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Music, Northeastern Culture and Incredible Gastronomy!
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The long-awaited Tão Ser Tão festival is about to begin and promises to offer an unforgettable experience for lovers of music, northeastern culture and impeccable gastronomy. With a diverse program, the event features renowned artists and traditional attractions that will delight audiences of all ages.

The first week of Tão Ser Tão will start with everything on the 7th, Friday, with a night dedicated to forró and accordion groups. The forró bands will rock the audience with contagious rhythms, while the accordion groups will showcase all the beauty and skill of the dancers. Best of all, entry will be free, providing access to everyone who wants to experience this cultural festival.

On the 8th, Saturday, the stage will be taken over by the talented artists João Gomes and Murilo Huff. With their outstanding hits, they promise to entertain the public with energetic shows full of emotion. Get ready to sing along and get involved with the energy of these artists who are taking the country by storm.


And to close the first week with a flourish, on the 9th, Sunday, the renowned Bell Marques and the talented Tarcísio do Acordeon will be present to provide an unforgettable night. With his long history in the world of music, Bell Marques will bring all his experience and charisma to infect the audience with his renowned hits. Tarcísio do Acordeon, with his striking voice and unique style, will win the hearts of those present with his engaging repertoire.

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The second week of Tão Ser Tão is also full of unmissable attractions. On the 14th, Friday, the forró bands and accordion groups return to the stage for a night of pure entertainment. Again, entry will be free, providing affordable fun for everyone.

On the 15th, Saturday, the forró bands and accordion groups will perform again, bringing infectious rhythms and traditional dances to delight the audience.

And to end the festival with a flourish, on the 16th, Sunday, two nationally renowned artists will take to the stage: Juliette and Claudia Leitte. Juliette, winner of a famous reality show, won over the public with her striking voice and authenticity. Claudia Leitte, one of the biggest stars in Brazilian music, promises an electrifying show, full of hits that have marked generations.


The Tão Ser Tão Festival will have unmissable culinary diversity: Sotero Cozinha Original, led by Chef Rafael Spencer, is known for its contemporary cuisine with an emphasis on Bahia, bringing dishes full of flavor and authenticity. Carnivoria is considered “The Best Barbecue in the World”, guaranteeing a unique gastronomic experience for meat lovers. Furthermore, the MB Stake restaurant, under the command of Chef Marcos Baldassari, created a special version for the festival, MB SerTão, providing an exclusive combination of flavors. Cariri and JK Gastronomia will also be present.

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In the festival's food court, visitors will be able to find a variety of delicious options. The Master Foods stand offers classics such as mulled wine, chocognac, quentão and fruits with chocolate, as well as options such as hot dogs and crazy meat. EM Foods presents pork delicacies and broths, while Casa da Pamonha brings the irresistible flavors of corn. Oriente Pastelaria offers pastries, crepes and waffles, satisfying all tastes and palates.

In addition to the restaurants and food court, the festival also has food trucks and bikes with mouth-watering options. The Fruit Box, Chippers and Charle's Dog are some of the options available in the food trucks, while the bikes bring delicacies such as popcorn (Master Foods), brigadeiros (Maju Brigadeiros), tropical fruits (Nanica Brasil) and churros (Majestoso Churros). Visitors to the Tão Ser Tão Festival are sure to find a wide variety of dining options to satisfy all their cravings during the event.

The Tão Ser Tão Festival is sponsored by Spaten and supported by renowned brands such as Bombay Sapphire, Gray Goose, Pepsi and Urbia. The official broadcaster of the event is Record TV, and institutional support comes from the City of São Paulo Turismo. Ticket sales are carried out through the ingresse platform, and the production of the festival is the responsibility of Salvador Produções. Together, these partners and filmmakers are bringing to São Paulo a grand celebration of northeastern culture, full of music, gastronomy, crafts and June traditions.


The Tão Ser Tão Festival promises to be a unique experience to celebrate northeastern culture in São Paulo. Don't miss out on participating in this special event that will bring all the joy and diversity of the June festivities to the capital of São Paulo. Secure your ticket and enjoy unforgettable moments alongside great artists and the enchanting atmosphere of this traditional festival.

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Music, Northeastern Culture and Incredible Gastronomy!

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Music, Northeastern Culture and Incredible Gastronomy!


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