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Neymar gathers Thiaguinho and friends at a party in Mangaratiba

Neymar is making the most of his vacation in Brazil, while the football season in Europe is still on hold. Now, at dawn this Thursday (6), he posted a record with the famous “partners”, among them Thiaguinho, Igor Antonny and Tati de Carvalho.

Neymar, Thiaguinho and friends in Mangaratiba
Neymar, Thiaguinho and friends in Mangaratiba – Reproduction/Instagram


Recently, Neymar was seen enjoying the artificial lake of his mansion in Mangaratiba, Rio de Janeiro, whose work on the site was interrupted by the Secretary of the Environment and the Civil Police with accusations of environmental crime.


The renovation of the 1,000 square meter artificial lake led to deforestation and unauthorized deviation of the course of a river, according to the Secretariat. However, it seems that the authorities’ ban did not stop Ney from enjoying the place. A friend of the player shared a photo on Instagram Stories in which the star appears enjoying the lake.

In view of this, Neymar ended up being fined more than R$ 16 million (R$ 16,010,000) by the municipal attorney general, Juraciara Souza Mendes da Silva, who received the inspection report from the Municipal Environment Secretariat, with 46 pages, explaining the environmental crimes caused. The information is from the G1 portal.

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In a note, the Mangaratiba Department of Communication said: “The Department of the Environment, in addition to applying the fines, considering the environmental damage caused, as well as the disrespect for current environmental laws, communicated the facts found to the Public Ministry, Civil Police , Police Station for Environmental Protection and other environmental control bodies”.


The inspection report of the Municipal Secretary of the Environment found that:

  • activities were installed without the proper environmental control instrument (art. 66 of Federal Decree 6,514/2008) – Fine of R$ 10 million;
  • there was movement of earth without proper authorization “art. 254 of Municipal Law No. 1.209/2019) Fine – BRL 5 million;
  • there was removal of land vegetation without authorization (art. 189 of Municipal Law nº 1.209/2019, with the changes promoted by Municipal Law nº 1.209/2019) – Fine of R$ 10 thousand;
  • there was deliberate non-compliance with the embargo (for having entered the lake after being interdicted/ art. 79 of Federal Decree 6,514/2008) – Fine R$ 1 million.

It is worth mentioning that the inspection document, made on June 22 through anonymous complaint, was signed by:

  • two biologists;
  • a forestry engineer;
  • a sanitary forest engineer;
  • a chemical engineer;
  • an oceanographer.

According to the press office of Mangaratiba, the decision of the attorney general of the municipality is already decisive, and gives 20 days for the player to make an administrative appeal on the fines. After that period, and if his appeal is not accepted, Neymar will owe the municipality of Mangaratiba.

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On the weekend, Neymar was one of the illustrious presences of the event “Tardezinha”, in Niterói, in the Metropolitan Region of Rio. The player, who is a close friend of organizers and singer Thiaguinho, star of the show, was filmed alongside his girlfriend, Bruna Biancardi, and backstage, with Vinícius Júnior. So far so good.

According to the website “Em Off”, Neymar went after the guest. Security and other people intervened to clear up the confusion. At the time of the fight, the player had gone down from the box to an area close to the stage, reserved for stars and other guests.


“Just to clarify these videos that are appearing on the internet… people saying that there was confusion yesterday and etc, me, Diogo, as one of Tardezinha’s partners, who even appears in the video, who say that there is a possible confusion and I’m guaranteeing that you, that there was no confusion. What happened is that we were passing by, on the way to go to the stage with some security guards…Unfortunately the event was very crowded and we really passed through an area that had a lot of people, people obviously due to the size of the person they are, wanted to take a picture. So, an uproar was created there at that moment for people to want to take a picture with him, so it ended up being a ‘push-push’ there, but like confusion of any kind, okay? There was no fight, there was no disagreement, there was none of that, much less with anyone from the production, as a partner at Tardezinha and I am part of the event’s production, I assure you that there was no stress, fight or disagreement, anything like that gender. Neymar is a huge celebrity, people are not used to meeting him. This ease generated all this uproar when he appeared there near the public and people wanting to take a picture, but no kind of confusion happened. I want to make it clear that he also tried to serve as many people as possible who were there, both public and event collaborators”, said Diogo.


Neymar gathers Thiaguinho and friends at a party in Mangaratiba

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