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On social media, celebrities react to the death of Jandira Martini

The world of Brazilian television drama was shaken by the loss of actress Jandira Martini, last Monday (29), the 78-year-old author and theater producer, who was battling lung cancer. Jandira was hospitalized at Hospital 9 de Julho, in São Paulo, so far there is no information about the wake and burial of the actress. The first information about the death was released by the actor and professional partner of the actress, actor Marcos Caruso in a publication made on social media this Tuesday morning (30).

Tribute from Marcos Caruso (photo: reproduction/@marcoscaruso/Instagram)

With the repercussion of her death, other celebrities and professional colleagues left a message of comfort in the tribute paid by Caruso to Jandira Martini, one of them was Regiane Alves, who mourned the actress' death and left him a loving hug. Another person who was shocked by Jandira's death was Marisa Orth, “what? Jandira Martini? My God, how sad, my God.” commented the actress.


Tribute from celebrities to Jandira Martini

Jandira Martini's death took everyone by surprise, several celebrities paid tribute through social media, saying their last goodbye to the famous actress. One of them was Vanessa Giácomo, who wished her peace, “May God welcome you with open arms!” yearns for the actress, who starred alongside Jandira in the soap opera 'Bite & Blow'.

The actor and filmmaker, Miguel Falabella, published on his profile Instagram a photo of Jandira and an extensive text talking about the actress's qualities, “We lost the extraordinary Jandira Martini. An actress with great resources, a striking voice, contagious humor and honesty when dealing with her colleagues.”, asked Falabella when talking about his interaction with the actress when directing her in 'Sassaricando'.

Miguel Falabella pays tribute to Jandira Martini (Photo: reproduction/Instagram/@miguelfalabellareal)

Kelzy Ecard, an acclaimed actress in the national theater, recalled going to a play starring Jandira, “I don't think I've ever laughed as much at the theater as at a play starring her and Marcos Caruso”, she commented upon learning of Jandira Martini’s death. In 2019, Kelzy played Dona Genu, in the remake of the soap opera 'We were six'a character immortalized in viewers' memories by Martini's talent.


Who also left her tribute was the presenter of 'More you', Ana Maria Braga, mourning the death of her broadcast colleague. “His art and sensitivity are eternal.”she wrote on her social media profile.

Presenter Ana Maria Braga on her Instagram profile (Photo: reproduction/Instagram/@anamariabragaoficial)

Other celebrities, such as Otaviano Costa, Carolina Dieckmann, Tuca Andrade and Fernanda Paes Leme, also paid their condolences to Jandira Martini's family and friends.

Find out more about Jandira Martini

Born on the coast of São Paulo, on July 10, 1945, Jandira Martini began her career in theater in the late 1960s, with 'Joan of Arc Among Flames'. Adding more than 20 pieces, among them, 'His Excellency the Candidate and Misery Sow'. Known for playing great characters also in television drama, Jandira acted on the former TV Manchete, in soap operas such as 'Ana Raio and Zé Trovão' 1990. Already in TV Globo, she collects hits like 'Path to the Indies''Hail Jorge', 'America' and the 'The clone', bringing to life the iconic character, Zoraide.


In Jandira's extensive resume, there is still room for renowned miniseries such as, 'The Mayans' and the 'House of the Seven Women', also produced by Rede Globo. In recent film productions, the actress starred alongside Fabiana Karla in 'A Pinch of Luck (2022)' It is 'Crying with Laughter (2019)' with comedian Leandro Hassum.

Featured photo: Jandira Martini (Reproduction/Alex Carvalho/Globo)


On social media, celebrities react to the death of Jandira Martini

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