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Real Madrid beats Barça in the classic and approaches the La Liga title
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Despite going through very different moments, Real Madrid and Barcelona played a very well-played and balanced “El Clássico” this Sunday (21), it was a match full of good plays, scoring chances and controversies. The Merengues entered the field as leaders of the Spanish Championship with 78 points, as well as excited about their newly won place in the semi-final of the UEFA Champions League. Barça came into the match still regretting their elimination from the Champions League against PSG, last Tuesday (16), and occupied second place in the La Liga table with eight points behind Real.

Busy start to the game

The first goal of the match came five minutes after the referee's whistle, and it was from Barça, with Christensen heading in a beautiful corner taken by Brazilian Raphinha. However, the Catalan team didn't have much time to celebrate, 12 minutes later Lucas Vázquez fell in the area, penalty! Although the referee's decision was somewhat controversial, the move was not reviewed in the VAR booth, Vinicius Júnior took charge of the charge and equalized the score. The game went back and forth, both teams had good chances to break the tie, but the first half ended 1 x 1.

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The teams returned to the field and it didn't take long for them to regain their rhythm in the first half of the game and in the 69th minute, on a cross from the 16-year-old boy, Lamine Yamal, hit by the Madrid goalkeeper, coming from the bench, Fermín López scored for the Barca. The boys reached Real's defensive area a few times with Yamal's escapes, the young man was having an excellent game.


The consequence of the goal was having to endure Madrid coming with everything going for it, and it didn't take long for them to find a draw. As he reached the baseline, Vinicius Júnior crossed for Lucas Vázquez to leave again, all the same at the Bernabéu.

The illuminated

Jude Bellingham scores the winning goal for Real Madrid (photo: reproduction/Instagram/@realmadrid)

After Real tied for the second time, the game became tense, but no one backed down, the teams continued to look for victory, it was a dangerous arrival for each side, almost alternating. The match reached its 90 minutes, everything seemed defined, and considering the game, it would have been deserved for each player to leave with a point. However, Real Madrid had the Jude Bellingham factor with them. Vázquez crossed low, Joselu intelligently, opens his legs and cuts the lights, until the ball is available for the English player to shoot into the back of the goal, Real Madrid three, Barcelona two.

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It was a very important step towards the Spanish title. Real is now 11 points ahead of Barça, with just six matches left in the championship.


Featured Photo: Lucas Vázquez and Jude Bellingham celebrate victory in the classic (photo: reproduction/Instagram/@realmadrid)

Real Madrid beats Barça in the classic and approaches the La Liga title

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Real Madrid beats Barça in the classic and approaches the La Liga title

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