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Seu Jorge, participation in the Coldplay show in São Paulo
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This Friday (10), Coldplay began the marathon of 11 shows that they will perform in Brazil. At the opening show held in Morumbi, São Paulo, the band filled the stadium not with good music, but also with colors, beams of light, fireworks and special appearances.

To celebrate the band's latest album, the tour “Music of the Spheres”, brings the best hits and fans' most favorite songs. On Brazilian soil the band will perform 11 shows. The tour is based on a series of shows that began in São Paulo and was scheduled to take place in October last year, but was postponed due to vocalist Chris Martin's health problems.

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The first show brought together around 72 thousand peopleand to the fans' great surprise at the end of the show, the band invited Your Jorge to sing “My wife's friend”, while the band played the instruments. Seu Jorge started the song with a flute making the introduction, and was soon accompanied by Martin's clumsy and lively swagger, bringing Brazilian fans into complete excitement.


Video: Seu Jorge and the band Coldplay singing “Amiga da Minha Mulher”. (Reproduction/Twitter)


The band all the best hits, like “Paradise”, which is one of the band's biggest hits, Martin, the vacalist, interacted with the audience, controlling the voices present as a kind of progressive choir. Soon after, he sang “The Scientist” on the piano and in the middle of the song, Chris gave a statement in Portuguese to the fans.

“We are very happy to be here with you, thank you for your effort, even with the rain, the traffic and all the other problems. Thank you, let's sing together”said how much he played.

The band also performed the songs “Viva lá Vida”, “Hymn for the Weekend”hit that has partner with Beyoncé, soon after “Let Somebody Go”, inviting a fan to go on stage and sing the song with the band. Leaving the audience completely silent and engrossed in the duet song.

The best ones didn't stop there, the band also sang “Yellow”, “Something Just Like This”, “MY Universe”, partner with the group Korean from k-pop BTSanother hit was “Sky Full off Stars”Martin asked the audience to put away their cell phones, so that the audience could feel the music, an act that worked, as in addition to feeling it, they jumped, screamed and raised their hands to catch the rain of star-shaped papers.


Video: Fan Anália singing with Chris Martin. (Reproduction/Twitter)

In addition to the show held this Friday at Morumbi, the band will perform shows this Saturday (11) that will follow in the days March 13th, 14th, 17th and 18th. In Rio de Janeiro, the shows will be held at the Nilton Santos stadium, and at Engenhão on March 25th, 26th and 28th.

Featured Photo: Seu Jorge sings Amiga da Minha Mulher at a Colddplay show. Reproduction/OFuxico


Seu Jorge, participation in the Coldplay show in São Paulo

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Seu Jorge, participation in the Coldplay show in São Paulo

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