Skin Care trends for 2023 focus on stimulating collagen production

Skin Care trends for 2023
Skin Care trends for 2023 – Skin care is part of the routine of many women and men and, therefore, the demand for skin care products and technologies skin care grow every year, being absorbed by the dermocosmetics industry, which creates new technologies and originates new trends. It configures the innovations for the skin care routine in 2023, in addition to the habits that remain enshrined in the routine.

Skin Care trends for 2023

Skin Care trends for 2023

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New technologies

The most recent technologies developed for the treatment of the skin and which are already in demand are the HIFU lifting, which stimulates collagen production through micro focused ultrasound. Another current trend is the radio frequency which treats wrinkles, flaccidity, scars and cellulite, also stimulating the production of collagen a protein that structures skin cells, responsible for a firmer appearance.

collagen biostimulators

Collagen increase can also be stimulated through the injectable application of certain substances, which stimulate fibroblasts, cells that manufacture collagen. These products are capable of reducing signs of aging in areas such as the cheeks, jaw, temples, neck, décolleté, buttocks and the inner part of the arms and thighs.


Another treatment that reaches deep layers of the skin is the laser which also stimulates the production of collagen, in addition to promoting, through concentrated electromagnetic radiation an effect of cell renewal, followed by a healing process, capable of treating blemishes, scars and wrinkles.


They are dermocosmetics already present in skin care routines, oriented according to each skin type. Acids act by removing dead skin cells while improving texture quality, evening out tone and acting to prevent and treat signs of aging through their antioxidant effects. There are substances that are more suitable for skin with acne or inflammatory processes, as they contain bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties. Others are more beneficial for mature skin, which has a greater demand for properties that stimulate cell renewal.

Cleansing, moisturizing and protecting

This trio never goes out of style, they are steps considered fundamental in the care of skin care at home, as they correspond to the daily needs of the skin. Proper cleaning for each skin type is responsible for hygiene and waste removal, an essential step for the success of the next one.

The second step is the hydration, which replenishes substances that form the skin’s cutaneous barrier, providing shine and vigor. It is also associated with the use of actives and depends on prior cleaning for product penetration.

Finally, sun protection has been associated with the prevention of spots and other signs of aging, such as wrinkles, as it protects against solar and artificial radiation capable of promoting damage to skin cells. This step is also essential for skin that uses substances such as acids, which become more sensitive during treatment.

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Skin Care trends for 2023

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