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Summary of the chapters of Elas por Elas

  • Helena rebels and promises revenge.
  • Isis and Carlinhos reopen the animal shelter.
  • Giovanni takes over directing Helàne’s new campaign with Taís.
  • Wagner begs for a new chance with Renée.
  • Carol ends her relationship with Marcos.
  • Míriam and Fagundes stay together.
  • Lara reprimands Cris’ behavior.
  • Helena blames Lara for the upheavals in her life.
  • Rico pressures Renée to decide who she wants to be with.
  • Helena attacks Míriam, who accuses the businesswoman of accumulating crimes under her responsibility.
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Monday – February 19th – Chapter of Elas por Elas

  • Giovanni demands answers from Helena about Míriam’s accusations.
  • Giovanni states that he will only support Helena to return to the presidency of the company after her mother undergoes treatment.
  • Marcos discovers that he was born on the same day as Giovanni.
  • Renée prepares for a walk with Rico, when Érica tells her that Wagner is feeling ill.
  • Lara begins her investigation against Roberto.
  • Sérgio meets Marcos.
  • Vic tells Márcia that Tony is having financial difficulties.
  • Edu doesn’t like seeing Rico with Érica.
  • Lara feels jealous of Mário’s mysterious new client. Marcos probes Isis about Miriam.

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Tuesday – February 20th – Chapter of Elas por Elas

  • Marcos is suspicious of Míriam’s story.
  • Sérgio suggests that Míriam find a way to keep Marcos away.
  • Helena suffers from feeling betrayed by everyone.
  • Pedro feels jealous of Taís during Helàne’s campaign.
  • Giovanni takes over the company.
  • Míriam arranges a meeting with Marcos, and Fagundes demands that his partner takes the boy away from Rio de Janeiro.
  • Marcos investigates Miriam.
  • Isis and Giovanni meet during the testimony about the fire in the shelter.
  • Carol notices Carlinhos’ interest in her.
  • Isis faints, and Giovanni supports her.
  • Marcos discovers that Míriam is engaged to Sérgio.

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Wednesday – February 21st – Chapter of Elas por Elas

  • Marcos deduces that Míriam is plotting a coup against Sérgio.
  • Giovanni takes Isis to his house, after the girl faints.
  • Pedro confesses to Jonas that he is uncomfortable with Taís’ profession.
  • Lara tries to find out who Mário’s mysterious client is.
  • Marcos arranges a meeting with Giovanni.
  • Natália tells Mário that she feels that Pedro is lying to her.
  • Márcia decides to pay off Tony’s debt with Cris.
  • Giovanni and Sérgio accompany Helena to Lígia’s office.
  • Wagner tells Renée that they will be happy again.
  • Giovanni deduces that Marcos is Helena’s biological son.
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Thursday – February 22 – Chapter of Elas por Ela

  • Giovanni explains his story to Marcos, and concludes that the boy is the son of Helena and Bruno.
  • Jonas questions Isis about her move to Australia.
  • Taís argues with Pedro because of his jealousy.
  • Giovanni and Marcos confront Sérgio, Míriam and Helena.
  • Lara promises to try to trust Mário.
  • Helena expels Míriam from her house.
  • Giovanni reveals the whole truth to Jonas, and father and son get emotional.
  • Míriam discovers that Sérgio is Isis’s father.
  • Marcos looks for Miriam.

Friday – February 23 – Chapter of Elas por Elas

  • Marcos confronts Míriam.
  • Adriana makes Isis promise to stay away from Sérgio.
  • Giovanni argues with Cris.
  • Jonas humiliates Helena.
  • Jonas encourages Giovanni to return to the company.
  • Helena assures Roberto that she will take revenge on Jonas.
  • Érica and Rico get closer.
  • Lara discovers that Átila was dissatisfied with Roberto.
  • Márcia tells Tony that she paid her debt to Cris.
  • Marcos reveals his story to Natália and Pedro, and tells his uncles that he will find out if it was Helena who killed Bruno.
  • Míriam blackmails Sérgio.

Saturday – February 23 – Chapter of Elas por Elas

  • Sérgio loses his patience with Míriam.
  • Marlene advises Adriana to reveal Isis’ paternity to Jonas.
  • Lara and Mário suspect he may be involved in Átila’s death.
  • Tony refuses Márcia’s proposal to get closer.
  • Natália confronts Pedro about Bruno’s death.
  • Carlinhos invites Carol to dinner.
  • Wagner and Renée kiss, and Rico catches them both.
  • Natália visits Helena.
  • Marcos announces that he will move into Sérgio and Helena’s house.
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Monday – February 26th – Chapter of Elas por Elas

  • Everyone is embarrassed by Marcos’ presence, and Natália supports her nephew.
  • Rico ends his relationship with Renée.
  • Carlinhos declares himself to Carol.
  • Giovanni invites Marcos to visit the family company.
  • Helena asks Roberto to keep Marcos out of her life.
  • Natália tells Carol that Marcos is Helena’s son.
  • Isis suffers an attack when trying to defend an animal on the street, and Marcos defends her.
  • Lara, Yeda and Mário discover that Átila’s death certificate was forged.

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Tuesday – February 27th – Chapter of Elas por Elas

  • Lara and Mário decide to start an investigation into Átila’s death.
  • Natália confronts Helena about her relationship with Bruno.
  • Giovanni asks Jonas to return to the company.
  • Renée confesses to Tony that she had a relapse for Wagner.
  • Jonas reveals to Giovanni that Isis has decided to move to Australia.
  • Taís questions Pedro about his obsessive behavior towards her.
  • Giovanni tells Sérgio that Jonas agreed to advise the company, and Helena listens.
  • Wagner faints, and Renée despairs.
  • Helena announces that she will enter a nursing home.
  • The doctor states that Wagner’s condition is serious.

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Wednesday – February 28th – Chapter of Elas por Elas

  • Wagner waits in the priority line for the transplant, and Renée, Vic and Tony join together.
  • Aramis manages to install a camera in Roberto’s office.
  • Giovanni introduces Marcos to Helàne’s employees.
  • Rico and Érica get closer, and Edu questions his ex.
  • Helena checks herself into a clinic.
  • Natália confronts Rico about the day Bruno died.
  • Lara and Mário begin the investigation into Átila’s death.
  • Cris discovers that Isis is pregnant.
  • Sérgio tries to prevent Isis from traveling to Australia.
  • Adriana reveals to Jonas that Isis is Sérgio’s daughter.
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Thursday – February 29th – Chapter of Elas por Ela

  • Jonas revolts against Adriana for having omitted Isis’ paternity and breaks off his relationship with her.
  • At the clinic, Helena dispenses with Lígia’s help and calls Fagundes.
  • Renée despairs about Wagner’s condition.
  • Helena instructs Fagundes to kidnap Jonas.
  • Sérgio and Giovanni try to convince Marcos to start working at Helàne.
  • Adriana vents to Carol about the end of her relationship with Jonas.
  • Natália questions Pedro about Bruno’s death.
  • Pressured by Taís, Pedro ends up revealing that he believes Natália was responsible for his brother’s death.

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Friday – March 1st – Chapter of Elas por Elas

  • Pedro explains his theory about Bruno’s accident to Taís, and asks the woman for secrecy.
  • Marcos assures Natália that he will find out who took Bruno’s life.
  • Rico reopens Átila’s case, and Lara and Mário celebrate.
  • Fagundes informs Helena that Jonas left Adriana’s house.
  • Lara and Mário break into Roberto’s house, and Nice helps them when the boss arrives.
  • Yeda reveals his interest in Aramis.
  • Giovanni vents to Sérgio about Isis and Cris.
  • Adriana suffers from the lack of news from Jonas, and advises Isis to be truthful with Giovanni.
  • Cris tells Giovanni that she is pregnant.

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Saturday – March 2nd – Chapter of Elas por Elas

  • Giovanni is shaken by Cris’ supposed pregnancy.
  • Aramis assures Yeda that he is in love with her.
  • Pedro begs Taís to help him keep his theory about Bruno a secret, to protect Natália.
  • Renée uses her savings to buy Wagner’s medicine.
  • Giovanni talks to Sérgio about Cris’s condition, and Marcos listens.
  • Marcos tells Isis that Cris is pregnant with Giovanni.
  • Aramis can’t break up with Carmen.
  • Rico confirms to Pedro that Marcos faked his kidnapping with Jairinho.
  • Fagundes kidnaps Jonas and takes him to Helena.
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“Elas por Elas”, a 6pm soap opera on Globo, is a modern adaptation of the original 1982 work created by Cassiano Gabus Mendes. The reinterpretation was developed by Thereza Falcão and Alessandro Marson, under the artistic direction of Amora Mautner and the genre direction of José Luiz Villamarim. The cast includes Deborah Secco, Lázaro Ramos, Isabel Teixeira, Mateus Solano and Maria Clara Spinelli, among others.


Summary of the chapters of Elas por Elas

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