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Tips for getting along
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If you've always wanted to experience the thrill of being chased by killer clowns from another planet (who hasn't, right?), then get ready! Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Gameinspired by the iconic 80s movieis now in early access.

Developed by IllFonic, the game features an asymmetric horror that pits three clowns on an insane hunt against seven humans.

Tips for Getting Started:

Humans – How to survive:

  1. Escape from the invasion – Rule number one is simple: don’t die. Your goal is to get out alive before the Klownpocalypse detonates. The clowns are here to get you, so find a way to escape. It's like a game of tag, but with a lot more blood.
  2. Stay low and stock up – Clowns hear any noise, so be a ninja. Search containers to find weapons and useful items, but do so with stealth. Hiding in trash cans may seem gross, but hey, better than turning into cotton candy, right?
  3. Escape routes – There are several escape routes across the map, and finding them is like a game of hide and seek. Use glow sticks to mark crucial points and clean up the cotton candy blocking the exits. It's like cleaning the house before the guests arrive, but much more terrifying.
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Clowns – Finish the invasion:

  1. Harvesting humans – Your objective is simple: hunt and harvest humans. You can kill them or turn them into cotton candy cocoons. Think of it as picking fruit, but the fruit is people screaming.
  2. Preventing leaks – Humans will try to escape, and your job is to stop them. Find and block escape routes with cotton candy. Knowledge of the map is your best ally here. If you're the type who decorates maps Call of Dutyyou're in luck!
  3. Klownpocalypse Detonation – If any humans survive until the end, the Klownpocalypse detonates and kills all remaining humans. It's like the red zone of PUBGbut with clowns and much more fun.

Humans – Getting the hang of it:

  1. Keep a low profile from the start – At first, you are fragile like Krillin in a fight against Frieza. Avoid running and making noise. Scavenge loot containers to fill your inventory and always have a sharp object on hand.
  2. Resistance management – Don’t run until you’re out of breath. Monitor your endurance and rest between longer distances. Having a popsicle or an energy drink can be your Senzu Bean when you need an extra boost.
  3. Group up – Working as a team is essential. At the beginning of each map, a meeting point is marked. Teaming up with other humans can increase your chances of survival, but remember: escapes have limits, so difficult decisions will need to be made.
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Clowns – Leveling up:

  1. Look and listen – Paying attention to alerts and noises is crucial for tracking humans. His Lackey Klowns are like Goku's heightened senses, warning of humans who cross his path.
  2. Update generators – Loose cocoons can be connected to generators. This results in more useful Lackey Klowns on the map, providing cover as you scour different areas. Upgrade all generators to a starting Klownpocalypse!
  3. Standard tricks – Use jump to quickly reach distant areas and ambush humans. Moving around the map clears the cotton candy fog of war, then reveals the entire map for easier late-game traversal.

PRO Tips – Master the Game:

Humans – Don’t Survive, Thrive:

  1. Point to the nose – Clowns are vulnerable on the nose. Hitting them with thrown objects or firearms will do more damage and stun them for longer.
  2. Use distractions – Use Boomboxes and TVs to make noise and throw the clowns off your trail. Throw items to make noise and throw the clowns away.
  3. Resurrection Machine – When a human dies, the resurrection machine comes online. Use it to bring back all the dead humans. Find it on the map and clear the cotton candy to use it.

Clowns – Dominate Crescent Cove with ease:

  1. Keep moving – Predict when humans will shoot or throw things at you. Plan your movements and dodge attacks.
  2. Chasing Humans – Knowledge of the map is crucial. Learn different routes and plan where to turn to stop a fleeing human.
  3. Throwing cocoons – Carry and throw cocoons to hit and harm humans. Coordinated efforts can move cocoons quickly over great distances.
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Tips for maximizing team play:

Humans – Circulate:

  1. Communicate Carefully – Use proximity voice chat to plan escapes or coordinate attacks. But be careful, clowns can hear you too.
  2. Be the guardian angel – Even if you are dead, you can help by playing minigames for spectators and gifting items to players.

Clowns – Three is not too many:

  1. Form a gang – Use the Hypnotic Lure to attract humans and quickly cocoon them. Create chains of clowns to quickly drop cocoons to generators.
  2. Get your keys! – Use the invisible car to quickly traverse the map and attack humans. Just don't hit the wall…

Tips for getting along

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Tips for getting along

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