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Tommy van der S arrested

DUBAI – The Dubai police this week arrested one of the country’s most wanted criminals in the Netherlands, Tommy van der S.

If his identity has been definitively confirmed, despite the lack of an extradition treaty, he will probably be deported to the Netherlands because Van der S. was traveling with a false Irish passport.

Van der S. has been on the national investigation list for quite some time and was also wanted by Interpol. Police and OM want him behind bars because he has to serve a nine-year sentence for drug trafficking, money laundering and assault.


Southern Spain

For a long time, the police suspected that Van der S. was hiding in southern Spain, but he seems to have been living in Dubai recently. There he was arrested by the police at the airport. It turned out that he was in possession of false identity papers, namely a false Irish passport. An Englishman who was with him has also been arrested. It would be a certain Mandy.

A spokesman for the national prosecutor’s office said on Thursday afternoon that he was not yet aware of the arrest. However, other sources confirm the arrest. A liaison officer of the Dutch police in Dubai is conducting an investigation on the spot and is in contact with the judicial authorities in the United Arab Emirates.

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Ridouan Taghi

Dubai has been hunting more fanatically for internationally wanted criminals who are hiding there for a year and a half. Ridouan Taghi was able to live in luxury for a longer period of time, until Morocco, the Netherlands and the US urged the authorities to arrest him.

Mafia head Raffaele Imperiale, who is wanted by Italy, has lived in Dubai for years and Roger Lips, who was wanted for bankruptcy fraud, has also been hiding there for years.


Tommy van der S arrested


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