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Toughest Bosses You'll Face
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If there's one thing From Software knows how to do, it's create bosses that will make you want to throw your controller out the window. Elden Ring is full of enemies that require patience, skill and a good dose of luck.

And with the new expansion comingfacing these difficult bosses is the perfect training to face the new challenges that are coming.

The expansion promises to bring new maps, weapons and, of course, more bosses that will test all your skills acquired in the main game.

So, get ready to face some of Elden Ring's most brutal bosses and use these battles as training for what's to come.


Let's talk about some of the most brutal and annoying bosses you will encounter in the Middle Lands.

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Divine Skin Duo

Think you've already faced difficult bosses at the beginning of Elden Ring? Wait until you find the Divine Skin Duo. These two annoying guys have already appeared separately in secondary missions, but here they come together and with frightening attack power. The fight is reminiscent of Ornstein and Smough from Dark Souls, but with an annoying detail: until both of their lives end, one of them will be reborn. Get ready to use blood attacks, summons and focus on one at a time. Great complicated fight!

Placidusax, the Dragon Lord

Placidusax is the most powerful dragon in the game, and there are dozens of them to face during the journey. It is located in the last dungeon of Elden Ring, in a well-hidden location, and uses thunder attacks from a distance. At certain times, he flies and attacks the player, making it necessary to dodge quickly and keep his distance until he can attack. In our case, a bug helped and the animal simply stopped in the middle of the arena after half the fight. It's easy this way, but don't count on that luck!

Maliketh, the Dark Blade

After facing Placidusax, you come face to face with Maliketh. He starts out as a Beast Cleric, but transforms into a super-fast killing machine. His attacks are difficult to predict and cause continuous damage, requiring a lot of healing. To make matters worse, he keeps pirouetting around the pillars of the ruin, which makes using the camera very difficult. Be prepared for a lot of tries before taking it down.


Godfrey, First Lord Pristine

Godfrey is one of the last bosses and was featured in the game's marketing. It deals area damage and needs to be faced with a lot of dodging and alternating distance. In the second phase, he turns into a wrestler, running towards the player like a real Zangief. Use a summon with a lot of health to attract his attention while you hit him during the gaps between attacks.

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Mogh, Lord of Blood

Mogh is one of Elden Ring's secret bosses, and as his name suggests, he loves blood raids. In the second phase, he explodes a mark on your character three times. Use the Vial of Tears between explosions to avoid turning to dust. His area attacks are powerful, so dodge and hit whenever there is an opening.

Radagon of the Golden Order and Pristine Beast

This duo is the last barrier between you and the pristine throne. Radagon uses a giant club and deals area damage, while the Pristine Beast has a huge amount of holy attacks. Use your summon to deal with the damage and run when the Pristine Beast starts flying. With patience and skill, you can beat them.

Malenia, Sword of Miquella

We saved the most difficult for last. Malenia has never been defeated and makes a point of remembering that. With fast strikes and the ability to heal as she deals damage, she's a nightmare. In the second phase, she appeals even more with plague attacks. It took more than 60 attempts and the help of the mimic summon to defeat her.



So, scared of the hardest bosses in Elden Ring? Have you killed any of them? Send this article to that stupid friend of yours who thinks he can easily defeat any boss in any video game!

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Toughest Bosses You'll Face

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Toughest Bosses You'll Face

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