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best ways to lose weight easily

What are the best ways to lose weight easily?
Give sugar.
Easy on food that converts to sugar (bread, pastas, pizza, fried potatoes).
Start your day with warm warm water with lemon. Helps get rid of liver, gallbladder and digestive system.
Drink at least half your weight in ounces of water / day (preferably between meals).
Knock foods to liquid. It will help you to be satisfied with less, and will help your body to digest, absorb and digest faster.
Use smaller plates, helping with portion control.

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Ginger tea without sugar. They all help your body digest food.
Cook from scratch, at the very least go for premade foods that are very / very low in ingredients. Even Costco has amazing family food.
Plan a weekly schedule, then buy ingredients for that and own them.
Shop four walls outside grocery store. That’s where most of the real food is.
Never go shopping on an empty stomach. Shop with your own bag or basket. NO shopping cart. Helps with shopping without having to carry more.

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Pack your own snacks AND water every time you’re away, especially past meal times.
Eat during hours that best serve your body (10-11am to 6-7pm).
Know which foods are gaining weight for your blood type. Because corn B + is one. For O’s wheat and milk.
Coffee enemas do more than help with pain and clean blood, they are INCREDIBLE for easy weight loss and natural cancer cure. They’re like Jack Osborne lost a lot of weight, winning in kickboxing and winning his concerts. They are also the ones used by some holistic cancer clinics. To a tune of FIVE / days. We want what’s in our blood, coffee enemas take that away. Be it food, drugs or alcohol. They are how I helped get off three hard drugs. And what I use for pain.
Sweat and move. A great way to keep puffiness away and toxins out.


best ways to lose weight easily

best ways to lose weight easily

Easy weight loss cure
Save treats for a special occasion (wedding, party, social gathering). They are not a cure if we get it every day.
Treat each day as a special time. Meaning, focus on looking and feeling so good to you every day instead of an event of sorts. Many think their “P’s & Q’s” look so good for a one-day event, when it should be the other way around.
Ask yourself how a particular food or drink will make you look and feel. For better or worse? Very helpful! That and a mirror.
With time consider seasonal detox. It will help what it helps, free you from predation and keep toxic disease from stressing out and out.
A key way to keep weight off is to get at least one bowel movement per day. Like babies and pets who poop soon after. Constipation is not a disease but INDEED WILL lead to one. Diet can make or break us, while detox is an advantage.
Eat healthy most of the hours of the day and days of the week.
It is easy to lose weight and keep it off with self-esteem alone.
Lastly, make a schedule of your kitchen (cupboards and fridges) at least twice a year. Warmer and colder months.




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