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What is important to have in car insurance?
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Everyone knows that having car insurance is very important in the times we live in. But, when we are faced with the immense offer of coverage, things can get very confusing. Therefore, we prepared this article with what is important to have in car insurance. Find out below.

If you have a car, or are planning to buy one, you know the importance of keeping it safe.


And you've probably already started doing some research on car insurance and come across a huge range of coverage options.

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Don't worry, it's completely normal to be confused by so many possibilities.

At this stage of research to hire the service, it is very normal for people to have doubts about what is important to have in their car insurance.

To make this doubt no longer a problem, we have prepared this article, follow along.

What is important to have in car insurance?

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Is it really important to have car insurance?

Unfortunately, cases of robbery and vehicle theft are only increasing in the country.

According to research, a vehicle is stolen every minute in Brazil, which gives an average of 500,000 cars stolen per year.

Given this situation, it is practically impossible not to consider taking out car insurance.


New financed cars are more likely to be stolen, and you don't want to run the risk of losing your vehicle to a criminal and spending months paying for an asset you no longer have.

Older cars may have more problems running.

If you have a car that is more than 5 years old, the chances of it leaving you stranded in the middle of a road are much greater.

In addition to problems related to theft and theft of vehicles, vehicle equipment and accessories.


There is also the risk of collisions, floods, lightning and tree strikes and countless other accidents that can cause immense damage to your car.

Therefore, it is important that you evaluate your real need for car insurance and which possibilities are most concerning to you, that is, what you believe is most likely to happen to you and your vehicle.

Consider variables related to insurance coverage

Before you even start researching car insurance values ​​and coverage, it is important that you evaluate all the variables related to you and your daily life and the available insurance coverage.

Do you drive your vehicle a lot? Do you travel frequently? Which regions do you usually drive your car through? Does he spend a lot of time standing on the street? Do you have a closed garage to spend the night? Does anyone else drive their car quite often? Do you have children who are underage, or already qualified? Do you have a good driving record?


All of these questions should be considered before you start searching for car insurance.

After all, they will be decisive in choosing coverage and calculating car insurance as well.

Therefore, analyze them carefully, by doing so you will be able to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Know exactly what your available budget is

This is another factor that counts a lot when deciding on a type of coverage.


People who have better financial conditions can opt for more complete coverage.

Like the comprehensive company that deals with claims such as theft, fire, theft, lightning strikes and more.

Those on a tighter budget may end up opting for more modest coverage, such as basic coverage that only covers cases of theft or theft.

Therefore, it is interesting that you do your math before looking for car insurance.


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How to define what is important to have in car insurance?

The time has come to define which coverages are most important for protecting your vehicle.

After analyzing your car routine, your habits and your protection needs, believe me, this task will not be that complicated.

If you opt for more comprehensive coverage, you can count on some coverage that is considered essential.

Among all of them, the most important in car insurance are:

  • Protection against theft or theft;
  • Coverage for third parties;
  • Fire coverage;
  • Protection against natural phenomena;
  • Maintenance coverage;
  • In addition to 24-hour assistance.

These are the most important coverages, capable of saving you countless headaches.

However, if you are unable to opt for more comprehensive coverage, the most important car insurance coverage for those with a smaller budget are:

  • Protection against theft and theft;
  • Coverage for third parties;
  • 24-hour assistance.

If you are researching car insurance, make sure that such coverage is offered by the insurer and, as far as possible, take out all of them.

You will certainly save yourself a lot of wear and tear by doing this.

How to make car insurance cheaper?

If you need car insurance, but are not interested in paying very high amounts, you can opt for some ways to make car insurance cheaper.

Yes, it is possible to get good discounts on this contract, see some situations in which insurance can be much cheaper:

  • Count on a security system: alarm, special locks, trackers, blockers and more. All of this equipment, when installed in the vehicle, can generate good discounts when taking out car insurance.
  • Have a spouse: Married people or people in a stable relationship also get lower car insurance rates. This happens because insurance companies believe that a married driver doesn't drive much at night, doesn't take risks driving drunk, etc.
  • Minor children also receive a discount: when a driver has a minor child, insurers understand that he will drive more carefully, exposing himself to less risk of accidents.
  • Always leave your car in parking lots: cars that don't park on the street get cheaper insurance policies, as the vehicle is less likely to be stolen.

Now that you know what is important to have in car insurance and which situations can make it cheaper to take out.

You can start researching the coverage and prices available on the market.

Remember that counting on the help of a trustworthy insurance broker can make this task much faster and simpler.

In addition to being able to provide several quotes at the same time, this professional will be able to help you define the best coverage for your case, preventing you from ending up taking out any unnecessary coverage.

Furthermore, in the event of an accident it can make all the difference, making the necessary processes much more agile and simple.


Either way, taking out car insurance is much more important than you might think. The increase in car theft numbers only reinforces this truth.

What is important to have in car insurance?

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What is important to have in car insurance?


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What is important to have in car insurance?

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