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Why is Resident Evil 6 a FAILURE? 5 reasons!

Just like any long-running series, the traditional zombie franchise has had its “ups and downs” throughout its history, with the resident Evil 6 It is considered the “low point” among the games in the main saga. Fans point out countless reasons why this game leaves something to be desired, and today we list five of them.

1 – “It shoots everywhere and fails in cohesion”


The fifth chapter of Resident Evil, which was the most commercially successful game in the franchise until the arrival of the Resident Evil 2 remake, was criticized for its excessive action and little focus on its horror origins.

Resident Evil 6 wanted to please everyone by “shooting everywhere”, presenting 4 different campaigns with iconic characters: Leon focuses on horror; Chris focuses more on action and shooting; Jake focuses on adventure and exploration and Ada Wong focuses on stealth. Furthermore, the game takes place on several continents, and not in just one place like Raccoon City, for example.

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2 – Unbalanced gameplay

It is possible to shoot very quickly in Resident Evil 6 and even the weakest weapons, such as the pistol, can become excessively “clunky”, transforming it almost into a machine gun. The characters manage to dodge attacks and there are so many possibilities that they end up mischaracterizing what they were made to be.


It's okay that we are dealing with a fiction game, but the characters have so many abilities and possibilities that they seem to have superhero powers, which is yet another point that ends up weakening the possible scares in moments of terror, and leaving the moments of action without so much grace.

3 – Enemies without any challenge

Another fact that helps with this ease of gameplay are the enemies themselves! In Resident Evil 6 we have several types of infected monsters. However, they pose almost no danger to players, as their movements are limited and even the strongest enemies such as zombie mutations or bosses have simple attack patterns.

In other words, in addition to the characters being excessively clumsy, the enemies are very weak. Most likely, Capcom wanted the action to be continuous and for the player not to get stuck at any point. But the challenge is also part of the fun.


4 – Resident Evil 6 has a weak story

Basically, the plot involves a woman who felt betrayed and wanting revenge, she causes an apocalypse across the world. It's true that many games have a simple premise and work with an interesting development, but this is not the case with Resident Evil 6, which ends up having confusing moments and the moments that were supposed to be epic and exciting end up being melodramatic.

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The only character who could end up saving this game, but unfortunately didn't, is the game's villain himself, Derek Simmons! This is a character whose background has direct contacts and influences with the American government and he is the one who causes the main events of the game. If it had been well developed it would have been cool, but its development seems uninspired and in the end ends up becoming generic.

5 – Graphics that leave something to be desired


Another point that lacks cohesion, Resident Evil 6 has very detailed characters with realistic features, but it is not uncommon to see zombies with a much lower polygonal rate and to find walls and floors with low-resolution textures. It's likely that the focus was on making the protagonists beautiful, but in practice these disparities end up sounding strange.

The feeling that passes is that the resident Evil 6 I wanted to “fly very high” and Capcom had good intentions in bringing the best of “all worlds” to the game. But in practice, the excess of ambition ended up leading to an unfocused title that left everyone to be desired. American journalist Herbert Bayard Swope once said: “I don’t know the path to success, but I know the path to failure: trying to please everyone.”

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Why is Resident Evil 6 a FAILURE? 5 reasons!

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