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Xuxa cries when talking about her mother: ‘She came back from the coma and said she loved me’

Ana Maria Braga aired the second part of the interview with Xuxa Meneghel this Friday (14). One of the most emotional moments was when the presenter heard an old interview of her mother, Alda, and cried, very emotional.

Watch an excerpt from the interview here!


Before that, an interview was shown in which Xuxa and her mother went to Mais Você and talked to Ana Maria Braga. At the opportunity, Alda spoke about what she had changed after being the presenter’s mother.

“We are always changing, we learn from our children, we are learning every day. Life changes whole. I would like to feel more present”, said Alda Meneghel, at the time.

The program also showed a tribute that Xuxa posted to her mother, where the music was made by Junno Andrade, the presenter’s husband. The Queen of the Little Ones even remembered that her mother was in a coma at the time and remembered something almost supernatural.

“The other day, I went to the hospital, I stayed there for 28 days with her and I always told her that I loved her. Then I said: ‘I love you and you love me’, then she said: ‘I love’. She came back from the coma saying she loved me. She called my daughter (Sasha) a little painting and she must be very proud of the little painting. She must be proud of everything that’s happening to me, this documentary. Very nice to feel loved, ”she said.



At one point, Xuxa talked about being a grandmother and did not hide that she can’t wait for that to happen.

“No pressure, it’s on her time. I send her baby pictures all the time.”

In March of this year, during the presentation on her ship to celebrate her 60th birthday, she recalled several stories she heard from fans, of the images that each person built of her: from a toy to a mother figure. So now the dream is to take on the role of a grandmother.


“Today I know that I was a toy, a baby monitor, I was an aunt, a teacher, a friend… I’ll tell you, Sasha. They called me aunt at that time and I was very upset. After the age of thirty, I said ‘you can call me auntie’. Now I’m dying to be called grandma. Sasha and João: no pressure ”, she said, leaving the request for her daughter between the lines.

Xuxawho did not speak with the father Luiz Floriano seven years ago, he received a surprise visit from him in the last “Xou da Xuxa”, in 1992. The strategy was devised by the director Marlene Mattos to attract Ibope for the show’s farewell.

In a participation in “Mais Você” this Thursday, July 13, the presenter revealed the Ana Maria Braga who felt invaded with the frame and considers this another form of abuse by the businesswoman.

“I didn’t want to stop the Xou da Xuxa, but it was Marlene’s will and, on that particular day, she did everything to get a rating. So Marlene called my dad without telling me. I remember that I wanted to leave, I felt like the most invaded person. I talked to Marlene that day, and she said that a daughter needed to talk to her father, but she wanted ratings, “she said.


“When people talk about that day, I have this pain of seeing my father by accident. I did not want. My father lied to my mother blatantly. My mother suffered a lot because of this, she thought about killing herself. So, I blamed my father for everything”, explained Xuxa. Luiz Floriano Meneghel, died in 2017, aged 85.

“I was closing the cycle, I didn’t want to open another one there. In the documentary (‘Xuxa, the documentary’), I talk about it, but I don’t say what I’m telling you here: how much I felt invaded, again. It seems I was raped once again by her. It wasn’t the first time this had happened.”

The production “Xuxa, the documentary” premieres today on Globoplay with five weekly episodes and shows the backstage of the trajectory of the Rainha dos Baixinhos, from the beginning of her modeling career to international fame. The documentary also promoted the reunion with Marlene Mattos, with whom Xuxa had not spoken for 19 years.


Xuxa cries when talking about her mother: ‘She came back from the coma and said she loved me’

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