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18 well-known and famous names that dominate online games (and you didn't know)
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What do Anitta and Emicida have in common? They are both singers and Brazilians, right? What about Neymar Jr. and Henry Cavill? Apparently, they don't share much, right? Well, believe me, all these names (and a few more) are just some of the famous people who love online games and you didn't even know! Not only are they card-carrying gamers, they also participate in important projects in the industry!

In fact, these names only add to the statistics of a segment that is growing rapidly. Just to give an example, according to “Esports Charts”, more than 6 million people watched the Worlds final, the League of Legends World Championship, in 2023. Not to mention the other spectators of the highest-rated contests in the same year.

One research carried out by the company ExpressVPN shows that many athletes are famous gamers. But this new hobby goes far beyond the courts and fields.


But, how do these celebrity enthusiasts manage to access games while they are traveling the world on tours, recordings and competitions? Are connectivity and access permission always the same? You will see that, with a VPN network, you don't even need to be a famous gamer to have freedom and quality of use in games online.

7 professional athletes who dominate online gaming

According to the ExpressVPN report, we selected the names of very famous athletes. Look:

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1 – Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the greatest female footballers still active. It's no surprise that she appeared on the cover of some versions of FIFA 16, the most famous franchise of electronic games that simulate football. And the athlete's relationship with video games goes much further!

Despite admittedly not being an “expert” in electronic games (at least when compared to the most hardcore fans), Alex enjoys video games and participates in charitable events that involve them, always reinforcing the importance of space and voice for women in sports and eSports.


2 – Mike Ross

Rugby is not a very popular sport in Brazil, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have fans. Those interested in the sports category will certainly know Mike Ross, a legendary former athlete who currently dedicates his free time to playing Quake and Battlefield, two titles with a strong cooperative focus.

3 – Erica Bougard

Like Alex Morgan, Erica Bougard is an example that electronic games and sports are spaces that can (and should) be dominated by women. The American is an Olympic athletics champion whose standout title is the popular FPS (acronym for first person shooter) Call of Duty Warzone.

Erica takes advantage of the space she has as a gamer on the Twitch platform to defend LGBTQ+ and female causes, fighting for marginalized groups to have more and more space in an area that, in the past, was dominated by a homogeneous majority. The athlete's success is the natural path!

4 – JuJu Smith-Schuster

Similar to rugby, American football has a small but passionate community in Brazil. JuJu Smith-Schuster, sports athlete, was part of a remarkable moment in eSports, when he participated in a Fortnite match that set an audience record, with 635 thousand spectators.


5 – Jeremy Lin

Following the trend of bringing an athlete from each sport, we come to basketball, more specifically an NBA player: Jeremy Lin. Interestingly, Lin's love for video games began before his sports career, when he discovered digital titles while still in high school.

Gerenciamento de Riscos em Apostas Esportivas

The passion continued after his career in the NBA, both with the purchase of a professional Dota 2 team and with the role of commentator in official matches in international tournaments. It's fascinating to watch how this childhood appreciation not only stuck with Lin, but grew even stronger.

6 – Max Verstappen

In F1, Max Verstappen requires no introduction: winner of three world titles, he is one of the greats in motor sports. In the world of video games, the athlete is known for his participation in simulators of other sports, especially football, playing titles such as FIFA.

7 – Max Holloway

So far we've mentioned several athletes who enjoy video games separately from their professional careers, but what happens when the two worlds collide? This is the case of UFC champion Max Holloway, who uses fighting simulators as a tool to understand and improve techniques.


Holloway even has a YouTube channel, where he shares his passion for video games with his followers, both in fighting simulators and other types of games, including Call of Duty. In addition to this title, the fighter is interested in video games such as Apex Legends, Fortnite and Madden.

8 – Neymar Jr.

The boy Ney dribbles around everyone on the field and also on consoles, as shown by the ExpressVPN survey, which makes him stand out among so many others! The Brazilian player is not only one of the famous people who dominate games online as a card-carrying fan. Look where he works:

  • has a channel on Twitch
  • has a skin from Fortnite
  • is an ambassador for eFootball, the recent name of PES

aficionado of Counter-Strike: Global Offensivehas even celebrated goals with game actions.

9 – Michael Phelps

Do you think swimmers only perform in swimming pools? Ok, the American is one of the most acclaimed in swimming, winning 28 Olympic medals and breaking 37 world records. It turns out that Phelps is also one of the famous people who dominate the games online. Doubt? To the website The Post Gamethe athlete revealed that he practices 30 hours a week of Call of Duty.

9 celebrities who are fans of video games

And it's not just on the court that celebrities are great gamers. See other interesting names, in addition to the athletes already mentioned in the ExpressVPN survey:


Henry Cavill

Wizard, Superman, Sherlock Holmes and also gamer! The actor likes games so much online who has already published a video on social media assembling a computer gamer for your matches. Furthermore, Cavill has already declared himself a fan of the Warhammer 40K and World of Warcraft franchises. And it doesn't stop there: it has its RTX 3090 graphics card, simply Nvidia's most powerful.


The Girl from Rio rocks in yet another area: that of games. The singer did Free Fire lives and GTA RP on Facebook Gaming, in addition to starring in a match with one of the biggest streamers of today, the player Bruno Nobru.


The rapper also “gives the lyrics” in the universe gamer. Emicida is, for example, the voice of Ekko, character from LOL, in skin 2019. But his favorite titles still include Resident Evil and Grand Theft Auto.

Ben Affleck

The actor played Batman in five films, in addition to having an extensive film career. But what you may not know is his participation in games. Just to give you an idea, Jen Lopez's husband is very dedicated to Valorant Champions. Not only that, but It is also main KAY/Oone of the game's agents.


Matthew Perry

The unforgettable Chandler Bing's passion for the game Fallout 3 was such that he needed medical treatment for his hands! But the life of one of the famous people who dominate gaming was not just full of challenges. online. Perry landed a role in Fallout New Vegas.

Seth Rogen

Although you've certainly seen one of Rogen's characters playing in front of the TV, the closeness between the actor and his games exists in real life. Just to illustrate, he:

  • interpreted Donkey Kong at the movies
  • play games online COD type
  • loves retrogames, but is fascinated by GoldenEye 007

Furthermore, Mac Radner, from Neighbors, has already produced interesting articles about gamesfor example, the documentary Console Wars.

Douglas Souza

Friendly, irreverent and extremely talented, the volleyball player doesn't just do well on the courts, no! Douglas is one of the famous people who dominate the online gamesmore precisely, League of Legends It is Valorant. Just to give you an idea, he takes it so seriously that he compared the difficulty of a LOL match to facing Russia at the Olympics.

Finally, the athlete even has his own YouTube channel where, among other topics, he discusses plays between friends.


Pablo Vittar

The singer is truly passionate about the universe gamer and don't hide it! Firstly, he had his own character in The Sims 4, part of the game's 20th anniversary campaign. Not to mention her passion for other games, such as Tomb Rider, Mortal Kombat and The Last of Us. According to her, she gets so distracted that she stays up all night playing games.

Asa Butterfield

Eternalized in striking roles, such as The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and Sex Education, Butterfield is one of the famous people who dominate online games. Just to illustrate, the actor competes in competitions esportsin addition to broadcasting DOTA 2 and Super Smash Bros. matches.

Ana Maria Braga

No, it's not another meme from our morning queen! Namaria He has always declared himself a fan of online games. He even shared a timeless list of his games favorites (there's even Pac Man World) in the Almanac The 10 Most – 250 rankings that everyone should know. Furthermore, Ana really likes Ratchet & Clankincluding sharing moments of practice on their networks.

Oh, and for those who don't remember, the blonde has even played Guitar Hero on air!


And can you play from wherever you are?

Yes, and it doesn't even have to be one of the celebrities above! With a VPN network, you play without limitations, including geographical ones, from providers, having global access to games. Furthermore, it has greater privacy and security, especially against DDoS attacks.

So, tell us: what's your game? online preferred? And do you usually access it from anywhere in the world, just like famous people?

Featured Photo: Florian Olivo (Reproduction/Unsplash)


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18 well-known and famous names that dominate online games (and you didn't know)


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18 well-known and famous names that dominate online games (and you didn't know)


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