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Curry teases Kings and comments on historic performance in the NBA

After scoring 50 points in game seven, Curry made NBA history and responded to Malik Monk’s taunts before the decisive game

In yet another exciting duel from NBAO Golden State Warriors ended the good time Sacramento Kings and advanced to the Western Conference semifinals. Acting away from home, the franchise managed to get the best of the star Stephen Curry and won overwhelmingly by 120 to 100. Now, the team faces the Los Angeles Lakers in the semifinal.

Shortly after the game, Curry gave an interview to the NBA while still on the court and commented on his performance. With 50 points scored, the Warriors point guard became the only player in all history to record such a score in a game seven of playoffs. Asked about the answer to mark him, the world basketball star spoke the following sentence:


I hope they never find out“, joked Stephen Curry. Regarding the provocations of Malik Monk before the game, which called the Warriors an “old team,” the point guard responded. “We didn’t need any catchphrases to motivate us, but it helped“.

If they enter the court, it doesn’t matter if they play 0 minutes or 40 minutes, they are making a commitment. Prepare your body and mind because we only have one chance. We were shamed and we will never be eliminated like this“, Curry said in the locker room before the match. On the court, he teased the Kings fans: “Y’all not ready for this shit“.

Curry in action for the Golden State Warriors
Warriors were led by Curry in the deciding game (Credit: GettyImages

Speaking of the game, the Golden State Warriors had to keep an eye on the duel at all times. Despite Curry’s great performance, the Kings were always glued to the scoreboard and gave work to the stars commanded by Steve Kerr. However, the point guard decided to settle in the third quarter and built a good lead to put Golden State in the semifinals.

On the side of the winning team, Stephen Curry was the highlight with 50 points, six assists and seven rebounds. The score was the most in NBA history in game seven. On the other hand, the Kings had soaps, who shone with 22 points, seven assists and eight rebounds. However, the Warriors didn’t want to know and closed the game at 120 to 100.

With the series tied at 3-3, the Warriors had to recover after losing their chance to qualify last Friday, the 28th. playoffs. In the early hours of last Saturday, the 29th, the LeBron James ran over the Memphis Grizzlies and closed the series with the advantage of 4 – 2.


Curry teases Kings and comments on historic performance in the NBA

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