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The Twilight of the Vampires in the Post-Apocalypse
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Finally, a game that answers the age-old question: “What if vampires survived the apocalypse, but instead of blood, they had to suck the fun out of players to live?” Developed by Stunlock Studiosthis title is an all-you-can-eat buffet of survival, action and gothic depression, perfect for those who think “The Sims” with vampires is still too lively.

Atmosphere and Visual: How to Be at a Chic Funeral

The title throws you into a gothic scenery which is so dark and depressing that you'll want to double-check that you haven't set your screen brightness to “solar eclipse” mode. Forests, castles and desolate villages not only create an immersive environment – ​​they practically beg to be spray-painted with graffiti. “Abandon all hope, you who enter”. The atmosphere is perfect for those who have always wanted to experience what it would be like to go to a gothic festival, without leaving the couch.


The mechanics of “V Rising” have you starting out as a vampire so weak you’d probably lose a pillow fight. Hunting, building your castle, and expanding your domain is supposed to be fun, but only if you think running a crumbling empire while dodging the sun is a good way to pass the time. Combat is described as fluid and challenging, which is code for “prepare to die more than in 'Dark Souls' during a power outage.”

Progression: The Art of Doing Little with Much

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“V Rising” allows you to evolve from a vampire with a garlic allergy to a tyrant of the night who still has a garlic allergy, but with a castle. The learning curve is fair, and by “fair” I mean that sometimes it feels like you need an engineering degree to understand how to improve your abode without turning it into a house of cards.

Multiplayer: Because Misery Loves Company


Playing with friends adds an extra layer of complexity to the game, turning the castle-building experience into an exercise in diplomacy that would make the UN look like a condominium meeting. The competition to dominate territories is so fierce that you'll want to make sure your allies aren't just a peg away.

Technical Aspects: Surprisingly Non-Resource-Sucking

From a technical point of view, “V Rising” is as robust as a lead coffin. Bugs are rare and the game runs smoother than a freshly oiled vampire at a Halloween party. At least that much they got right, as no one wants their vampire game to crash more than they do in front of a mirror.

Why “V Rising” Might Exhaust Your Patience (and Your Coffee Supply)


If you think being a vampire is all glamor and bloody partying, “V Rising” is here to suck up that illusion faster than you can say “Bela Lugosi.” This game turns immortality into a management marathon that would require a monk's patience, if monks dealt with vampires instead of manuscripts. First, there is the pace of the game. Every task, from building your castle to hunting for food (read: blood), is a meticulous operation. Imagine trying to assemble a piece of furniture with instructions written in ancient Aramaic. Now add to that the need to avoid sunlight and deal with annoyingly tough peasants.

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Secondly, the learning curve is like climbing Everest in flip-flops. Each new skill or tactic you must master to progress is presented with all the subtlety of a slap in the face. And precisely just when you think you've got the hang of it, the game throws in a new set of challenges that make the previous ones feel like a warm-up. This isn't helped by the fact that the missions can get repetitive – the more you play, the more it feels like you're stuck in an eternal loop of “bite, suck, repeat”.

Last but certainly not least, castle building mechanics and territory management, which should be a rewarding part of the game, sometimes feels more like a test of bureaucratic resistance. You're going to feel like a civilian trying to rebuild your state, with the government getting in the way, if you know what I mean?

Coordinating the expansion of your vampiric domain involves so much detail and fine-tuning that you'll start to wonder if you shouldn't. just open an accounting office for monsters as a less stressful alternative.


In short, “V Rising” is not for the faint of heart (or those with a meager reserve of patience). If you're the type to throw your controller out the window after dying for the tenth time in the same spot, it might be time to reconsider your immortality. Or at least stock up on more coffee.

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  • Gothic look that really does justice to the theme.
  • A fight that makes you sweat more than garlic in an Italian kitchen.
  • Castle building that will satisfy your frustrated inner architect.


  • Potentially repetitive like your favorite politician's excuses.
  • It requires a dose of patience that not all immortals possess.
  • Some elements as engaging as a meeting on tax reform.

Rating: 7.0/10

In short, “V Rising” is one of those games that you recommend to that friend who insists that being a vampire is just a party. With its immersive atmosphere, gameplay that's a real neck to chew on in terms of complexity, and a progression that makes you feel less like a dark lord and more like a failed property manager, it's perfect for sleepless nights. Grab your cape, sharpen your fangs and prepare to ask: “But I really needed to be a vampire to feel this thirst for something more?”

The Twilight of the Vampires in the Post-Apocalypse

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The Twilight of the Vampires in the Post-Apocalypse

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