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Faustão confirms retirement and says farewell in Las Vegas

In a meeting full of emotions and meaning, renowned presenter Fausto Silva, affectionately known as Faustão, confirmed his retirement during an exclusive interview with the UFC Fight Pass channel, in Las Vegas, United States, during an MMA event.

After 32 successful years leading the iconic program “Domingão do Faustão” on TV Globo, and a brief stint on TV Band with “Faustão na Band” for just a year and a half, Faustão now says goodbye to television with the certainty of that this is the right time to end his long and brilliant career in entertainment.


Emotion and Mutual Recognition

During the interview on American soil, Faustão highlighted the importance of this moment as being his first and only interview after retirement, and revealed that Las Vegas was the ideal choice to mark this final chapter of his career.

“After I retired, my first and only interview had to be where? Las Vegas, making my son happy, meeting and paying homage to Evelyn, who does an extraordinary job with Brazilian fighters here”said Faustão with a gleam of satisfaction in his eyes.

Reporter Evelyn Rodrigues, known for her work in the world of mixed martial arts, was visibly moved by the presenter's praise and attention. In a touching post on her social media, she expressed gratitude for the special meeting and shared her admiration for Faustão, someone she grew up watching and who is now a fan of the same sport she loves.

Video of the interview with Evelyn Rodrigues (Video: reproduction/Instagram)


End of a Cycle on Television

Faustão is one of the great icons of Brazilian television, and his departure will leave a gap in the hearts of his fans. With a career that has transcended generations and gained a loyal following over the years, he has become a beloved and respected figure in the media.

After leaving TV Globo, where he ran the program “Domingão do Faustão” for three decades, Faustão experienced a short period on TV Band with “Faustão na Band”. However, his stay at the network only lasted a year and a half, which led the presenter to reinforce his decision to retire and suggest that he does not intend to return to television.

Latest Editions of “Faustão na Band”

The presenter's fans still have the opportunity to enjoy the latest unreleased editions of “Faustão na Band”. The program will continue to be shown until the beginning of August, when it will be definitively closed.

With a brilliant career and a farewell marked by emotion and recognition, Faustão leaves an indelible legacy in the history of Brazilian television. His charisma, striking catchphrases and talent as a communicator will remain in the memory of everyone who had the opportunity to follow his Sunday programs for so many years. Faustão's goodbye is also a see you soon for the millions of fans he has conquered throughout his career.


Featured photo: Faustão na Band Program. Reproduction/Band TV/O Municipio Blumenau

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Faustão confirms retirement and says farewell in Las Vegas

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