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6 car launches for 2021 that you should know about
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If you're waiting for car launches for 2021, see which models are at their peak here! Take advantage and check out its features and the price of car insurance!

The year 2020 was difficult for many sectors. The global pandemic generated an economic crisis that affected some segments, mainly the automobile sector.


Many factories and dealerships were closed for a long time, which had a huge negative impact on the sector. With the gradual resumption of activities in factories and car dealerships, many people are already waiting for the launch of car models for the year 2021.

The factories promise at least 14 new models in Brazil, in addition to models that will be renewed or will feature improvements in performance and design.

Check out the models that will be launched next year and the average price of car insurance for each of them!

6 car launches for 2021 that you should know about

Image: Chevrolet


Car models that will be launched in 2021

We selected the main car launches for 2021, with many new features and main features. In addition, we selected the average insurance price, based on the 2020 model, already quoted by other drivers. Look!

1. Corolla Cross (Toyota)

The Corolla is a consolidated model in the Brazilian market and much loved by its consumers. But, for 2021, the Corolla Cross promises to bring all the comfort and efficiency already known from the Corolla in an SUV, with even more power.

Being a new product that promises to surprise, the Corolla Cross features a 2.0 engine, in addition to a hybrid option, consisting of an electric motor and a 1.8 engine. Models range from 122 CV (hybrid option) for 177 hp (option 2.0). It was designed to compete directly with the Compassmodel from Jeep.

The model was announced in the middle of this year, and has already gained fans. Many people are already researching with insurance companies what the Corolla insurance average price. To do this, we carried out a search and the average is R$2,700.00.


2. Montana (Chevrolet)

Chevrolet decided to enter the mid-range pickup truck business, promising to take the reigns from Fiat's competitor Toro. Therefore, it brings a new model that promises to be the successor to the Montana.

The current pickup has only two versions, while the new model will have 1.0 and more powerful engine options. In addition, it features more optional items already installed at the factory. GM also promises to bring models with a double cabin, this model will be manufactured in Brazil.

On average, the price of Montana car insurance is R$2,609.10.

3. Fit (Honda)

With this new model, Honda wants to return to first place in hatch best seller. So, with 5 models, it brings the surprising difference of customization possibilities.


Thus, it aims to please male or female drivers more. In addition, it features a new design and more safety features straight from the factory. Namely: electronic brake button and window with increased visibility and brightness design.

Furthermore, the new generation of Honda Fit is made up of the following models: Fit CrosstarFit Home, Fit Basic, Fit Luxe and Fit Nessall differentiated from each other by visual details.

The average price for Honda Fit insurance is R$1,985.05.

4. Outlander (Mitsubishi)

With a bold and futuristic design, the Outlander 2021 brings a lot of comfort and power. Namely, its 1.5 turbo four-cylinder engine promises to have more power than its direct competitor, the Eclipse Cross.


Even so, it will feature premium standard items such as leather seats, multimedia center, sensor and reversing cameras, as well as alloy wheels and wrapping.

The average price of Mitsubishi car insurance Outlander is R$6,200.00.

5. Argo Trekking (Fiat)

Fiat's first SUV manufactured in Brazil, the Argo Trekking is expected to come in 1.0 and 1.3 engine options, promising a more accessible and democratic model. In addition, the already known power of the Argo, in a modern design that brings comfort as its main feature, with reinforced suspension and a size more similar to SUVs available on the market.

Namely, the most complete version will bring items such as a leather seat, multimedia center, camera and reverse sensor, wrap, LED lamps and electrical modules for the rear view mirrors. Therefore, it promises to compete with competitors such as the Renegade (Jeep), Kicks (Nissan), HRV (Honda), Creta (Hyundai) and T-Cross (Volkswagen).


The average value of Fiat Argo insurance is R$2,200.00.

6. Courier (Ford)

Remember Courier? It returns to fight for the intermediate pickup truck market, promising to take the preference from the champion Toro (Fiat). So, to this end, it features a double cabin and independent wheel suspension, as well as features similar to its competitors of the same size.

On average, the value of Ford Courier insurance is R$ 1,600.00 (price based on the latest quotations made for the model up to 2012).

So do the 2021 car launches include models you've been waiting for?


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6 car launches for 2021 that you should know about

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6 car launches for 2021 that you should know about


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6 car launches for 2021 that you should know about

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