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6 Secrets to Comparing Car Insurance Rates
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Having automotive protection is currently essential, but to make a good purchase it is important to be aware and compare car insurance rates. In this article we will show you how to do this and achieve good savings.

Anyone who has a vehicle knows the importance of having good protection for it.


If this is your case and you have not yet taken out car insurance, you are certainly doing so thinking about having more peace of mind and less losses.

Average price of Uno insurance 2017

However, when you are researching car insurance, it is always important to get a series of quotes from different companies and, with them, comes the need to know and carefully compare all the rates used.

After all, the more quotes you make, the greater the number of different values ​​you will have on hand and, in order to avoid any losses in this contract, it is important to know how to analyze these values.

To help with this stage of taking out car insurance, we have prepared an article explaining how to compare car insurance rates and what are the main secrets to making the best contract possible, follow along.

6 Secrets to Comparing Car Insurance Rates

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Understand how car insurance payments work

Before starting to explain how to compare car insurance rates, it is important that you better understand how car insurance payments work, that is, how the insurance value is calculated.

The first thing to be clear is that the value of the insurance premium is calculated based on the risk profile that the main driver of the vehicle to be insured offers.

In other words, the younger the driver, or the more the vehicle is used, the greater the chance of him suffering an accident and, consequently, the higher the premium value.


Therefore, whenever you go to get a quote, you will answer practically the same questions, such as the driver's age, length of license, where he/she lives and works, whether there are closed parking lots, whether the vehicle is usually on the street, etc.

However, although the questions are always almost the same, the rates used to calculate the risks involved are different from one company to another.

This is why it is possible to find such different insurance prices for the same profile and it is also so important to compare the car insurance rates offered between different insurers.

How to Compare Car Insurance Rates

Now that you understand a little more about how car insurance is paid, it will be easier to follow the tips for comparing car insurance rates below and be able to put them into practice.

  1. Get multiple quotes to compare car insurance rates

The more quotes you get, the greater your margin will be to compare car insurance rates and the chances of hiring the company with the best values.

However, it is important not to forget to always use the same information for quotes.

  1. Always use the same coverage and deductible options in quotes

Another important detail to achieve a valid basis of comparison is to choose the same types of coverage, limits and deductibles so that these variables do not make comparison difficult.

If there is no equal franchise, look for similar ones, as this way the discrepancy will not be large and will still allow a fair comparison.

  1. Inform all safety items present in your vehicle

Currently, most vehicles that circulate in large urban centers have some security item installed, alarms, electric locks, trackers, blockers and other options.

If this is the case with your vehicle, do not forget to inform the existence of these items in the quotations made.

They helped reduce the premium amount and need to be included in all quotes for the rate comparison to be complete.

  1. Choose appropriate compensation limits

You can choose to receive 100% of the value of the fipe table, however, some insurance companies allow you to receive 110% or more of the value.

See what is really needed to cover your expenses and losses.

Another available limit is third-party car insurance.

You can choose, for example, a value of R$50 thousand or R$100 thousand.

If the risks involved are small, it may be worth opting for a reduced limit.


Quote the price of your Auto Insurance now!

A best quotewith best brokersby the best prices.

  1. Pay attention to everything that is included in the coverage

There are coverages that are similar, but this does not always mean that they are the same.

Basic coverage may vary from one insurer to another and, in order for them to be equivalent, it may be necessary to include additional coverage in some of them.

Make this inclusion if necessary to guarantee the same assistance and only then compare car insurance rates.

  1. Don't forget the franchise

Many people end up making the mistake of worrying only about the value of the premium and leaving aside the amount to be paid for the deductible.

Don't make this mistake, always choose the same type of deductible in all quotes and compare the amount charged in the event of an accident.

It may be that the premium value is low, but the deductible is much higher.


Sometimes, for just a few dollars, it's worth investing in a more affordable franchise and paying a little more for the premium.

So, did you enjoy learning these 6 secrets for comparing car insurance rates?

Now that you know more about how car insurance is paid for and how to compare car insurance rates, it will be much easier to find the best coverage at the best price.


6 Secrets to Comparing Car Insurance Rates

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6 Secrets to Comparing Car Insurance Rates


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6 Secrets to Comparing Car Insurance Rates


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