Alexandre Pato takes new directions and draws the attention of followers

Alexandre Pato takes new directions


Alexandre Pato takes new directions – Currently without a club, the Brazilian striker, Alexandre Pato, has been in the news in newspapers all over Brazil, but the reason is not directly related to his achievements within the four lines, but what the player has been doing in the extra field. In the last week, the player made a somewhat cryptic post through his social networks. With some images of important moments in his career, the post was accompanied by the caption “The time is coming”. The player’s post caused his followers to create the expectation of an announcement of Duck at his new club, but the post was related to a new direction that the athlete is taking in his football career.

The post referred to the player’s new moment, who at the height of his 33 years started a course focused on Football Management, in CBF Academy. The new directions do not necessarily make the athlete move away from the pitch, after all, Alexandre’s idea is to play for another two or three years on the pitch, but he is already preparing the transition of his career, thinking about a future next, where the knowledge acquired during the long years of the athlete’s career, can now be placed from another position.

Alexandre Pato takes new directions

Alexandre Pato takes new directions

Pato seeks to play for a few more years on the pitch (Photo: Reproduction/Alexandre Pato Instagram)

Alexandre Pato who currently has no contract with a club, is a player with an extensive career, passing through the big clubs in Brazil and Europe, having a career marked by ups and downs.

Unveiled in 2006 by internationall, the name of Duck it was talked about by the entire sporting world. Due to his explosiveness and skill, he quickly became known throughout Brazil, not taking long to attract the attention of European football.

There, he went through teams like Milan It is chelsea, where he had good performances, but still, a little below expectations. Back in Brazil, the striker had a troubled journey through Corinthiansfinding in São Paulo the affection of the fans and the recovery of their football, which at the time was being questioned by a large part of the press and fans.

After this reunion spell, he was sold to football where he performed again below expectations, which forced him to return to Brazil. On his second visit to São Paulo, was unable to accomplish the same feats of his first passage, which made him lose space in the team and the contract was terminated. In recent seasons, Duck he played in American football, where he played until the end of his contract, which was not renewed.

Featured photo: Alexandre Pato playing for MLS. Playback/Alexandre Pato Instagram.

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Alexandre Pato takes new directions


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