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Alok drags revelers in Salvador with futuristic electric trio
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More than five hours filled the crowd that attended Alok's popcorn at Barra-Ondina, in Salvador, on Saturday night (10). With the avenue packed, the artist prepared a special setlist with Bahian carnival classics, featuring remixes by Olodum, Ivete Sangalo, Bel Marques and others. In an interview, shortly before starting his presentation, Alok joked that he would like to be Bel Marques: “I was amazed to see him pass by. I wanted to be him!”

In his fifth year in charge of an electric trio without strings or abadás, Alok is establishing himself as one of the most anticipated attractions at the biggest carnival in the world and is completely adapted to the occasion.

Luísa Sonza, Jão and Pedro Sampaio are present at the festival

Promotion video for Alok's “trio sem Strings” (Video: reproduction/ Instagram/ @alok)

This year I prepared a lot more remixes of carnival classics. Normally I do five hours of trio and I have a better time than others, because I don't need to sing. I make the remixes for others to sing. I brought about 20 remixes between Olodum, Ivete Sangalo, Bel Marques. I think the point is to always understand where I am and adapt to the regional issue. Because the set I do in the trio is different from the set I'm going to do tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, each place has its regional issues. And this is not just in Brazil. Brazil is a continental country, but there is also a lot of this in the world. So, here is the set I make just for this moment“, says Alok.


Defining moments

Halfway through, a surprise. Contrary to the saying that carnival love doesn't last, reporter Murilo Motta joins the trio and asks his fiancée Laís Amaral to marry him. The moment moved everyone who followed the “yes”.

Image of the futuristic electric trio (Photo: reproduction/ X/ @alokoficial)

Under the motto “Free Your Best”, Alok's popcorn featured the participation of dancers Pedro Ivo (from the Axé project) and Laiane do Carmo, both from Salvador, who performed a playful performance extolling the cultural riches of Bahia and connecting tradition and future, in a way of revering history and looking towards what is yet to come.

Another attraction was the singer and composer Zeeba who brought the crowd to their feet to the sound of “Hear Me Now”, his song in partnership with Alok and Bruno Martini.


Campaign against harassment and other violence during Carnival

Taking advantage of the festivities, the artist became an ambassador for the #BlocoDoRespeito campaign alongside singer Daniela Mercury and promoted awareness against harassment and other forms of violence during Carnival. Another social action was the partnership established with the NGO AXÉ (Salvador) which, via Instituto Alok, is now supported in the “Ser Futuristamente Ancestral” program – which will work on the influence of customs, fashion, hairstyles and makeup rooted in African heritage.

To this end, pedagogical workshops on fashion production and printing will be developed; holding parades; workshops and lectures; activities to enhance artistic talents in music and dance. This project should serve around 110 young people between 13 and 25 years old in situations of poverty and social exclusion, reaffirming Alok's commitment to Bahia even when it is not Carnival, since at least since 2020 the Alok Institute has been working with the third sector Bahian in the areas of entrepreneurship, technology, quality nutrition, health and medicine, education, art and basic sanitation. These projects represent a significant improvement in the socioeconomic condition of the beneficiaries.

The futuristic trio, full of lights and LED screens, was sponsored by iFood, GWM, Bradesco, Black Princess, TNT, Trident, Ovaltine, 3 Corações and Stanley. Among the guests were super model Isabeli Fontana and businesswoman Marina Morena who recorded every moment on their social networks.

Leaving the capital of Bahia, Alok heads to Pernambuco, São José do Rio Preto and São Paulo, where he plays on the afternoon of the 13th of Trio da Rádio Mix.


Featured photo: Alok in an Instagram post to announce concert dates (Reproduction/ Instagram/ @alok)

Alok drags revelers in Salvador with futuristic electric trio

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Alok drags revelers in Salvador with futuristic electric trio

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