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Auto insurance is worth it: compare prices!
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Do you know if car insurance is worth it? Compare the value of your car without and with insurance and see how it pays to have car insurance.

If you are one of the many people who own a vehicle, but are still reluctant to take out car insurance because you think it is wasted money, stop and do the math. No matter how much care you take with the vehicle, unforeseen events can happen and can be very heavy on your pocket when you have to pay for them privately.


If you still think that this is just another argument to buy insurance, I will show you the differences in values ​​so you can draw your own conclusions. Of course, to provide accurate information it would be necessary to specify the vehicle model, city and other details, so I will consider the average values ​​for a popular vehicle.

Average price of insurance for the Yamaha MT-07

Today the cost of insuring a vehicle like this is around R$1,500.00 to R$2,000.00 per year, and this amount can be paid in installments, resulting in a low monthly installment. In this case, it would cost around R$166.00 per month if the largest amount was paid in 12 installments.

Auto insurance is worth it: compare prices!

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Vehicle glass

Car windows don't break easily, but in a case of robbery, a criminal could break it trying to break in. Furthermore, when you are traveling at high speed and a stone hits the glass it can crack and you cannot walk with it.


Now let's imagine that the windshield glass cracked because a stone hit it. To make the change you will pay at least R$390.00 just for the glass, without considering the labor which is not cheap, plus at least R$150.00. In total, the amount spent would be R$540.00.

If you had car insurance, the deductible value would be R$130.00 plus the monthly installment of R$166.00, a total of R$296.00, that is, a saving of R$244.00.

If the problem occurs with the rear or side glass, the price may be a little lower. The deductible for the rear window varies from R$90.00 to R$130.00, but the replacement costs no less than R$360.00 including labor. There are some insurance companies that do not charge a deductible for the side glass, but a private replacement costs no less than R$180.00.

Rear view and headlight

Rearview mirrors are a problem, especially in cities with congestion and lots of motorcyclists. They often pass at high speed and take the rear view mirror with them, leaving the driver at a loss. Those who have insurance will pay deductibles starting at R$36.00 to make the replacement. Anyone paying for the private service will spend between R$60.00 and R$290.00 for the rear view mirror plus around R$150.00 for labor.


The headlight is also another item that can break more easily, as sometimes just a small bump against the car in front, behind or even in a garage causes it to break. If you pay for it yourself you will spend at least R$310.00 on labor, whereas if you had insurance the deductible would start at R$36.00.


Imagine that you are driving a car at night and it breaks down in a place you don't know very well. Because it's nighttime, it's difficult to get mechanical help, especially when you don't know the problem. There are two alternatives when you don't have insurance: call a friend and hope they can help you or try to find a tow truck for hours. After wasting a lot of time trying to find a tow, you will still need to pay him at least R$220.00 for him to take you to the nearest garage.

If you are in another city and have no way of returning home, you will still have to pay for a hotel, as the workshops do not usually open at night. The next day you discover that the problem was with the fuel pump and that it needs to be replaced, that's another R$600.00.

Considering the total expenses with the problem, at least you will have to pay R$1,000.00. Now, if you had insurance, the towing and accommodation would not have a deductible, and the repair will vary according to what is stated in the policy. But the cost would certainly be much lower.



You're walking in traffic and it's super congested and through carelessness you end up hitting the car in front, imagine the costs of that small mistake. If the car in front is an imported car and dents the bodywork, breaks the headlight and breaks the bumper, it will be your responsibility to pay for all of this. At a minimum, to repair the third party's car you will have to pay R$1,200.00 for labor, plus spare parts, a total of R$2,700.00.

Now, if your vehicle also gets dented and the headlight breaks, it will also have to be fixed, so that's another R$900.00. This means that you will be without your vehicle while it is in the workshop and to rent a car you will spend at least R$75.00 per day. But taking into account that it will take 3 days to pack everything, you will spend at least R$225.00 on rent.

Now think about the entire cost of this small accident, at least R$3,855.00, if you had to pay the deductible it would be around R$1,700.00. With the insurance, you would save R$2,125.00. Only with this difference would it be possible to pay the deductible, the insurance premium and still have R$ 125.00 left over. Isn't the savings worth it?

Robbery or theft

If you're still not convinced, let's talk about losses that can be even greater for those who don't have insurance. In the case of loss or theft when the vehicle is not located, the total value of the car is lost, for example, R$ 30,00.00, when you do not have insurance and are still on foot.


Now, if you have car insurance, you will pay around R$2,000.00 per year. The big advantage is that you will receive the value of the vehicle from the insurance company (R$ 30,000.00) plus around 7 days of spare car (R$ 525.00).

Now think about it, isn’t it really worth having car insurance? After all these calculations, you know that if something happens to the vehicle, the amount to be spent privately is much higher.

Auto insurance is worth it: compare prices!

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Auto insurance is worth it: compare prices!



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Auto insurance is worth it: compare prices!

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