The first doses of the bivalent vaccine against COVID-19 arrive in Paraná

bivalent vaccine against COVID-19

bivalent vaccine against COVID-19 – The State Department of Health received this Wednesday (8) the shipment with 32,400 doses of Pfizer’s bivalent vaccine against COVID-19. The bivalent in addition to helping to fight COVID-19, it also protects against the original virus, Omicron and subvariants.

bivalent vaccine against COVID-19

This shipment is the first batch for the National Vaccination Campaign, which will start at the end of this month. According to the government, the doses are intended for strengthening priority groups.

In addition to this shipment, another 997,476 doses are planned for the coming weeks for the first phase of the campaign.

As stipulated by the National Immunization Program (PNI), at this stage, people aged 70 years or older, people living in long-term institutions (ILP), from 12 years old, sheltered and workers of these institutions, immunocompromised, will be vaccinated. indigenous, riverside and quilombola communities.

bivalent vaccine against COVID-19

First doses of the bivalent vaccine against Covid-19 (Photo: Reproduction/Danilo Avanci/SESA)

“These updated vaccines bring more comprehensive protection to this target audience. We will not measure efforts to ensure that the doses are delivered to the Health Regions as soon as possible”, said the Secretary of State for Health, César Neves.

People listed in the priority group must have the complete primary vaccination schedule, first and second doses.

According to the Ministry of Health, people who received only one dose of the monovalent vaccine should be vaccinated with the second dose before receiving the bivalent.

The secretary points out that it is important that people who do not fit into the priority group to receive the bivalent also continue immunization with the monovalent.

The second stage of the national campaign is expected to begin in March and will include people aged 60 to 69 years. The third stage will cover pregnant and postpartum women, but the fourth will be aimed at health workers and the fifth stage will be aimed at vaccinating people with permanent disabilities.

Featured Photo: Paraná receives the first doses of the bivalent vaccine against Covid-19 (Foto:Reprodução/Danilo Avanci/SESA)

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bivalent vaccine against COVID-19

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