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Bronzing drops are the promise of the moment to maintain the golden tone of summer
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Bronzing drops is the newest beautification process spread among Tik Tok members that consists of promoting a bronze on the skin as if it were under sunlight and because of this new feature, it is stimulating makeup lovers and, above all, those who are aware of such procedures. of beauty to seek more information about it.

According to participants on the digital platform Tik Tok, access is quick and practical through the application of the same name, in which it will be possible to access multiple videos with testimonials, containing explanations and details of use and results.


Basically, it consists of a tanning product with a liquid texture that, applied under the skin in the form of drops, promotes a glow associated with a golden color in a clear allusion to an appearance of health, well-being and beauty.

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Success in media and purposes

Although the product has been on the market for approximately five years, it has only now gained strength with digital platforms, driven by the movement of skin, as close as possible, to the natural and radiant tone marked by the presence of sunlight, that is, reflecting air. of brightness and luminosity.

Demonstrating Brozing drops step by step (Video: reproduction/Instagram/@tinakunakey)

Texture and functions

The product comes in the form of a serum, as its composition contains a fluid, subtly, watery and light base, acting as an illuminator, whether applied before concealer or as a makeup finisher, in both situations it will deliver full, vibrant skin. shiny, reinforced by the tan tone, according to instructions given by makeup specialist, Camila Anac.


Mixed uses and combinations

A variety of application methods are available to users, all they need is creativity and willingness to mix bronzing drops with moisturizers, blushes and creams, delivering different effects to the production.

When it comes to mixing with products that, above all, hydrate the skin, the feeling goes back to a wet appearance, without losing the importance of projecting it with shine.


As the makeup artist reports: “In the latter case, it provides an extra luminous effect with a wet shine. To obtain this result, the application must be precise and very diffused, avoiding creating flaws in the makeup. I recommend applying with gentle pats and using a very soft sponge.”

For those who prioritize shine, it recommends: “In cases where I want an extremely glowy effect, I apply it after the facial oil all over the face with the help of a short-bristle duo fiber brush”.

Method of the moment guarantees illuminated skin highlighted by a tanned tone (Photo: reproduction/Instagram/@tinakunakey)


Colors in harmony

According to specific explanations, Camila Anac, highlights that many people use the procedure as a possibility to bring the color of the face closer to the body in its entirety, because as she well remembers, the face diverges from the rest due to the filter or sun blocker that makes the lighter skin, obviously.

Its use in colder seasons, such as winter and autumn, helps in synchronizing the color between the two skins. providential, therefore, for the period, if that is the purpose.

Insufficient variety of tones

As the color palette is not wide or diverse, many skin types and colors cannot use Bronzing Drops, as it would not produce the desired result.


Brands founded by the singer Rihanna at the head of Fenty Beauty or the North American leader in makeup Drunk Elephant lead the way when it comes to bronzing drops, with a lot of repercussion on social media, on the national side, companies like Care Natural Beauty, Bauny and Beyong They are also investing in similar processes, all to guarantee quality and credibility with the consumer.

Suggestions for Bronzing drops on the market

Among the products currently sold, we can list the D-Bronzi Anti-pollution Tanning Serum from the American Drunk Elephant at a price of R$ 315 and the Bee Glow Facial Serum, from the French manufacturer, leader in global cosmetics, Guerlain, with an equivalent value at R$599, among other investing brands in the beauty and makeup sector.

Featured Photo: Brozing drop arrives to enhance current makeup (Reproduction/Glam)


Bronzing drops are the promise of the moment to maintain the golden tone of summer

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Bronzing drops are the promise of the moment to maintain the golden tone of summer


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