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BTS shines with new music video in the early hours of the morning!
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The favorite K-Pop group of the moment, BTS, released this morning (21), the video for their new song, “Butter”. On Twitter, the hashtags #BTSBackWithButter and #SmoothLikeBTS were at the top of the most talked about topics of the moment. The band formed by RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkonk announced the news two days ago, leaving fans anxious. To further pique curiosity, they released the clip's teaser and left their audience wanting more.

The song, in English, is the new challenge for the band who intend to achieve the same success achieved with the hit “Dynamite” – a track that spent 3 weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100, the main singles chart in the United States and was the theme commercial for a cell phone brand here in Brazil. With the support of the band Queen, BTS uses the sample from the eternal “Another One Bites The Dust”, thus modernizing the classic performed by the legend Freddy Mercury.

The video clip was released alongside the song and as expected, full of choreography and a chic formal look. In an interview with Rolling Stone, RM takes the floor: “Butter doesn't have a heavy message. It's a pure and arrogant dance-pop celebration in the retro vein of Bruno Mars, with layers of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis-style synths and is proud of being 'smooth as butter' and having a 'superstar glow'. It's very energetic and very summery.”


The song will now be successfully released. All of this is due to the fact that it will be presented for the first time at the Billboard Music Awards 2021, which will take place this Sunday (23).

“Butter”, new video by the band BTS (Reproduction/Youtube)

Even with all this intense work, the members of BTS still find time and willingness to produce side work. V, for example, is preparing for its next release, however, with the intense flow of commitments, what would arrive at the beginning of 2021 was postponed until the end of the year. “I originally thought about releasing it last year. But it turned out to be harder and more complex than I imagined it would be. So, I thought about releasing it earlier this year. But again, it ended up being a little more difficult than than I imagined! So now I'm looking at the end of this year”, concludes V.


While V's new project doesn't hit the charts, fans can enjoy – apparently – the newest hit of the moment which, after two hours on air, already had more than 27 million views.

(Featured photo: BTS. Reproduction/Instagram)

Seu Jorge, participation in the Coldplay show in São Paulo


BTS shines with new music video in the early hours of the morning!

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BTS shines with new music video in the early hours of the morning!


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