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Cathy Sharon Launched These 3 Products

Make your makeup even more charming!

Eye makeup that is on point is certainly a complement to make-up that should not be missed. Especially during a pandemic like this where the use of masks is mandatory, eye makeup of course must be perfect so that your appearance still looks attractive. Seeing this, SADA by Cathy Sharon also launched its newest product, Rollas Eyeshadow Palette.

Unmitigated, SADA by Cathy Sharon also presents three palettes at once. For those of you who like natural makeup and earthy tone colors, you can try the Pottery palette which is dominated by light to dark brown colors. Very suitable for everyday use and for formal events.

Cathy Sharon Launched These 3 Products
Sharon Launched These 3 Products

If you are part of the smokey eyes team , then the Aram palette will be the right choice for you. Inspired by the word temaram, which means twilight, the Aramaic palette has dark colors such as dark blue, gray, and black. Perfect for bold makeup !

Well, the third palette is titled Malino. This palette is inspired by Malino flowers from South Sulawesi, which are orange in color, so this palette is dominated by warm or nude nuances .


Regarding pigmentation, the Rollas Eyeshadow Palette has a fairly pigmented intensity . Its smooth formula makes this product easy to blend. Its resilience also deserves thumbs up.

Cathy Sharon Launched These 3 Products

For those of you who are looking for eyeshadow products to celebrate Eid, you can get this one product for IDR 245,000. Interested in trying it, Bela?


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