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Pink notebook! Iconic Game of Thrones couple announce the birth of their 2nd child

Cult series par excellence, “Game of Thrones” has made its actors world stars of the small screen. An emblematic couple formed during the filming of this fiction has just made people talk about him, by giving birth to his second child.

Pink notebook! Iconic Game of Thrones couple announce the birth of their 2nd child Dailymotion

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The family of Game Of Thrones once again expanded. Indeed, an emblematic couple formed on the set of the hit series has just welcomed their second child. And the happy parents of this baby are Kit Harington and Rose Leslie. “They are delighted to have welcomed a little girl into the family“, declared the legal representative of the actor to Six Pages. For now, the two actors have not yet revealed the name they gave to their daughter. For the record, Kit Harington officially announced Rose Leslie’s second pregnancy in February 2023, during her appearance on the show. The Tonight Show, broadcast on the American channel NBC. “My son is going to have the shock of his life when he discovers that he will soon have a little brother or a little sister“, he said, wearing a broad smile.

It is therefore a little sister that Kit Harington and Rose Leslie offered to their first child. The two actors had given birth to a baby boy in 2021. It was in 2013 that the two stars of the series Game Of Thrones have paired off. The interpreter of the character of Jon Snow had been seduced by the charm of his playing partner. For the anecdote, the two characters of Kit Harington and Rose Leslie also had an on-screen romance. The couple officially got engaged in 2017, before tying the knot a year later. The ceremony took place in Aberdeen, Scotland, with part of the cast of Game Of Thrones among the guests. It will then be necessary to wait until 2020 for Rose Leslie to formalize her first pregnancy, as part of from a photo shoot with the British magazine MAKE.

Game of Thrones: Kit Harington entered rehab after series ended

If the couple formed by Kit Harington and Rose Leslie today seems more united than ever with the arrival of this second child, the two actors have had to go through some difficult ordeals since they started dating.


The interpreter of Jon Snow had lived “horrible things“after the end of Game Of Thrones. Enter herealcohol, depression, stress, as well as suicidal thoughts, Kit Harington had to enter rehab. The comedian sought treatment in the US state of Connecticut in May 2019.”The things that happened when Game of Thrones ended, but also during the series, were traumatic and alcohol is one of them“, had revealed the actor to the Sunday Times in 2021.

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The sequel after the ad


Pink notebook! Iconic Game of Thrones couple announce the birth of their 2nd child

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