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Classic formation of the band “Titãs” will return to action for 10 more shows in Brazil
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The famous composition of the Brazilian rock group “Titãs” from 1980 will come together again for a special celebration. Amid the 40 years of history and legacy that the rock band brings to Brazil, the classic members of “Titãs” – Arnaldo Antunes, Branco Mello, Charles Gavin, Nando Reis, Paulo Miklos, Sérgio Britto and Tony Bellotto – will rise again on stage together in 10 shows across the country, on the tour called “Titãs Encontro, from April to June 2023.

It was more than 30 years that the seven main members did not perform together. To represent the eighth member, Marcelo Fromer, who died 21 years ago in 2001, his daughter, singer Alice Fromer, will represent her father on the tour. In addition to Alice, guitarist and producer Liminha will also participate in “Titãs Encontro”.

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It is worth mentioning that it is not the original reunion of the band, which featured Ciro Pessoa, who died in 2020, and André Jung, drummer who played in the band “Titãs” for 4 years, between 1982 and 1985, the year he was replaced by Charles Gavin . It was from 1986 onwards that “Titãs” gained great power and name in Brazil with the album “Cabeça Dinosaur”.


Although the confirmation of the special tour of the revival of the golden age of the “Titans” took place through a press conference, held on Wednesday, 16; information about the meeting between the musicians had already been anticipated by the Mauro Ferreira's blog, from G1. The press conference was held at the Central space, at Praça da Bandeira, in São Paulo, with the entire band present among the journalists to answer any questions and speak more about the historic event.

Arnaldo Antunes, Paulo Miklos, Tony Bellotto, Branco Mello, Nando Reis, Charles Gavin and Sérgio Britto – respectively, from left to right – at the press conference for the “Titãs Encontro” tour. (Photo: Reproduction/ Tiago Queiroz/ Estadão)

“When I mentioned this (about the group's return) to my children, they went crazy. The production of everyone here by my side has always been of the highest level. So, we are f…”said Nando Reis at the press conference.

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“We’re going to have fun. We have more years of friendship than of band. I stayed in the group for ten years, but every time we meet again it’s something filled with lots of laughter”says Arnaldo Antunes, who left the band in 1992 and has been a member of “Os Tribalistas” since 2002.


Paulo Miklos, the last to leave, in 2016, commented: “It's great to be able to speak again as a collective. Common sense has always guided everything we've done”. Charles Gavin, drummer who had been absent since 2010, commented that all the classic members of “Titãs” had a musical background “extraordinary”which gave the rock musical group its untouchable place on the shelf of the most iconic national bands.

Pre-sale tickets for the “Titãs Encontro” tour will be available for purchase today, the 17th, starting at 6pm (Brasília time), through the tour's official website: sales will be released on November 22nd, Tuesday, at 12pm Brasília time.

All classic members will return in 2023. (Photo: Reproduction/ Bob Wolfenson/ Veja)

With repertoires that have never aged and are strong, the tour will bring all the essence of Brazil's first rock band, with many tributes to the band's old guard member Marcelo Fromer and the public who helped in the success of “Titãs”.


The debut of the “Titãs Encontro” tour will be in Rio de Janeiro, on April 28th, at the Jeneusse Arena. April 29th will be Belo Horizonte's turn to host the tour, at Expo Minas. Florianópolis, at Hard Rock Live, and Porto Alegre, at the Beira-Rio amphitheater; respectively, these will be the next places that “Titãs Encontro” will pass, on the 5th and 6th of May, following this same order. On May 27th, the classic formation of the Titãs will be at Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador; passing through the Northeast in Recife, at the Classic Hall on June 2nd; and in Fortaleza, at Marina Park, on the 3rd. The last three stages of the “Titãs Encontro” will be Brasília, at Mané Garrincha (current Arena BRB), on June 7th; Curitiba on the 10th at Pedreira Paulo Leminski; and, finally, in São Paulo, the band's place of origin, on June 17th, at Allianz Parque.

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Created by the company 30E and Bonus Track Entretenimento, other information, such as ticket prices and types, can be checked and purchased on the website. The “Titãs Encontro” tour will use as its motto a reference from the album Tudo ao same tempo agora, from 1991, but with a more concrete adaptation to the special context that the band is offering: “all at the same time now”

Featured Photo: Classic members of the group “Titãs” at the press conference held at the Central space, at Praça da Bandeira, in São Paulo. (Photo: Reproduction/ Nina Shimazumi/ WikiMetal)


Classic formation of the band “Titãs” will return to action for 10 more shows in Brazil

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Classic formation of the band “Titãs” will return to action for 10 more shows in Brazil

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