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Check out some moments when Tom Cruise met British royalty

Tom Cruise, during his more than 40 years as a Hollywood star, became a renowned actor, known for several notable roles and for his charisma. In addition to his performance, Cruise had several memorable moments, such as his meetings with British royalty, for example. The most recent was at the charity event that took place yesterday (7), in London, where the actor was with Prince William.

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Princess Diana

In 1992, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were introduced to Princess Diana at the London premiere of “A Distant Dream” (1992), a drama starring Cruise and his then wife.


Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and Princess Diana, 1992 (photo: reproduction/Monet)

Princess Diana's funeral

After five years, in 1997, the actor was present at the princess's funeral, in Westminster Abbey, London. The actor attended the ceremony accompanied by Nicole Kidman. Tom Hanks and a few other famous friends of the royal family were also present.

Princess Diana's funeral in 1997 (photo: reproduction/Monet)

Prince Philip

Tom Cruise met Queen Elizabeth II's husband in March 2017. The meeting took place at Buckingham Palace, during a charity dinner, in the context of the 75th anniversary of the institution 'Outward Bound Trust'. At the time, the actor was very smiling while talking to Prince Philip.

Tom Cruise with Prince Philip (photo: reproduction/Fama Ao Minuto)

Prince William, Prince George and the Duchess of Cambridge

Tom Cruise at the football match between Italy and England, in the Euro 2020 final, in July 2021. He was close to Kate Moss and David Beckham, among others. Despite Prince William's distance, Kate Middleton and Prince George had a brief interaction.


Tom Cruise at the Euro 2020 final match (photo: reproduction/People)

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Royal Windsor Horse Show

On May 15, 2022, Tom Cruise participated in the Platinum Jubilee celebration, which celebrated Queen Elizabeth II's 70 years on the throne.

Tom Cruise participating in the Platinum Jubilee celebration (photo: reproduction/Monet)

Prince William and Kate Middleton

On May 19 of the same year, Tom Cruise was with William and Kate at the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick (2022), in London, a film in which the actor starred. The star helped the Duchess of Cambridge up a step, holding her hand.

Prince William, Kate and Tom Cruise at the premiere of the film Top Gun: Maverick (photo: reproduction/Who)

Prince William and Cruise talk at the premiere

Tom Cruise and Prince William discussed aviation at the event. According to My London, Tom Cruise would have talked about the prince at the premiere. “We have a lot in common”Cruise said. “We both love England and we are aviators, we both love flying.”

Tom Cruise with Prince William at the premiere of the film Top Gun: Maverick (photo: reproduction/PopLine)

Kate Middleton

Tom Cruise and Kate attended the Wimbledon tournament in England. The movie star sat a few rows behind the Duchess of Cambridge, and was caught looking at her during the match, a scene that went viral on social media.


Tom Cruise and Kate Midletton at the game at Wimbledon, England (photo: reproduction/Glamour)

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King Charles

Tom Cruise was present at the special show for the coronation of King Charles III, which took place at Windsor Castle, the “Coronation Concert”. In a video, the actor left a message for Mornaca: “Pilot to pilot, Your Majesty. You can be my right hand man at any time.”Cruise said.

Tom Cruise and King Charles III (photo: reproduction/Hollywood Forever TV)

Prince William

Prince William and Tom Cruise were together at the London Air Ambulance Charity fundraising event at the Raffles Hotel, which took place in February 2024. The monarch posed alongside the star of the film Top Gun: Maverick (2022).

“This is Tom Cruise, he needs no introduction” joked the prince. “I'm not wearing my Top Gun flip flops” he told the actor, in reference to the sophisticated footwear he wore to the film premiere.

Tom Cruise and Prince William at the charity event (photo: reproduction/Instagram/@princeandpricessofwales)

Prince William's speech

At the charity event, the prince thanked the star for his support on the night of the event, and even joked about the film he stars in – “If you don't mind not borrowing any of the new helicopters for the next impossible mission, I would be very grateful”, joked the monarch.


Tom Cruise and Prince William at the charity event (photo: reproduction/Instagram/@princeandpricessofwales)

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On the occasion, the prince showed a playful side, with the intention of leaving the public “at ease” in relation to his father's recent diagnosis.

Featured photo: Tom Cruise filming the film Mission Impossible 7 (reproduction/monet)


Check out some moments when Tom Cruise met British royalty

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