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COVID-19 in India, The government doesn’t have a strategy to deal with pandemics.

India again set a record related to COVID-19, which is not at all proud. An additional 401,993 positive cases of COVID-19 were recorded in India in a day on Saturday (1/5/2021).

This condition makes India the first country in the world with the most cases added.

Reported by Channel News Asia,the Ministry of Health of India recorded 401,993 new infections in less than 24 hours. That number makes the accumulation of positive cases of coronavirus in India reached 19,164,969 cases, with 211,853 cases ending in death.


1. Hospital fire costs lives

As India battled an oxygen and bed crisis, there was a fire in the COVID-19 ward of the Welfare Hospital in Bharuch, Gujarat, on Saturday morning. According to the APreport, the scene was on the first floor and the fire lasted only an hour.

COVID-19 in India
COVID-19 in India

However, 18 patients were declared dead.
Meanwhile, about 31 other patients were rescued by hospital personnel and firefighters.

His condition is reportedly stable.
A similar incident occurred on April 23, when the red master devoured the intensive care unit, killing 13 COVID-19 patients in the Virar area of


2. Vaccinations are choked because the vaccine stock runs out

COVID-19 in India
COVID-19 in India

Since Saturday, the Indian government has decided to expand the vaccination program to include people over the age of 18, whose population reaches 600 million people. The government is also working to open a large vaccination center for all adults.
Millions of young people are starting to be frightened by the current situation, so the number of vakisinasi among adolescents is very

high. This is seen through the high registration of inoculations through government digital platforms.
The problem is the limited stock of vaccines, so only a handful of applicants have successfully received injections.

In Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, the vaccination program had to be halted for three days from Thursday (4/29/2021) because the vaccine stock ran

out. In addition, in New Delhi and Punjab, the stock of vaccines is not enough to be injected into non-priority groups.
So far, only frontline workers such as medical staff, people over the age of 45, and comorbid sufferers have received the


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3. The government has no strategy against pandemics

People are increasingly confused because the Indian government is asking private hospitals to order vaccines independently. The price of a self-contained vaccine created three levels, which requires the public to pay more than the dose provided by the central government.
That led to a dispute between the central government, run by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party, and the state ruled by opposition


Another obstacle is that the government does not appear to have a strategy in dealing with this

virus. Clinical virologist at Christian Medical College Vellore, Jacob John, suggested that the government distribute vaccines in the areas most affected by the pandemic.
“Do you want to control pandemics, save lives, or

both? If you want both, you need a large amount of vaccines. Unfortunately we don’t have it. Everything seemed confusing,”




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